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‘Cook with Lubna’ is created with a mission of sharing flavorsome recipes with the food enthusiasts. We have multiple food recipes from all around the world as per your preferences.

Recipes hold a special place in my heart as these are food stories that are passed on from generations and sometimes you make slight modifications to make it better. 

Here, you will find recipes that are nourishment for the soul as well as for the body. 

We have recipes according to your needs, from breakfast to lunch and dinner; from snacks to desserts. Also, we have recipes as per the choice of cuisines and various festive occasions.


Choose from our wide range of exciting food recipes as per your preference!

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Yummy Chicken Recipes in Dubai and Egyptian Cuisine Recipes in Dubai

Get the most appetizing Egyptian cuisine recipes in Dubai, only at ‘Cooking with Lubna’, your favorite stop for all your cookery problems. Often when festive seasons roll in, we do not understand what to cook as you don’t want to repeat the same things that you cooked last year, in these types of situations you would need some yummy chicken recipes in Dubai to fill your dining table with the food-glamour it needs. All those recipes along with video tutorials you will get only at one place and that is here.


Egyptian cuisine recipes in Dubai are not that hard to cook but if not cooked properly might leave the food undercooked as Egyptian cuisines mostly consist of legumes and vegetables. Shawarma to kofte, learn all these beautiful dishes today, from our Egyptian cuisine section. From grilling to barbecuing to cooking chicken, meat, and fish with utter perfection.  Learn all about how you can cook yummy chicken recipes in Dubai


Cooking With Lubna’ provides you with this online platform so that you can learn to cook something new and experiment with what you already know. We provide recipes according to your requirements, from lunch to dinner; from healthy food to desserts. Try recipes that can easily turn you into the MasterChef that you always wanted. Set your dining table with delectable Egyptian cuisine recipes in Dubai and try authentic flavors of Egypt at your home.

We provide you with the full liberty to try and experiment with every flavor present, from all around the world.