Ways To Make Use Of Coffee While Drinking It

Most of us can only start his day with a hot cup of coffee for its benefits for the body and mind, but what about the remaining used coffee? There are many easy uses and creative ideas with which you can recycle and use in your home

Protect dogs from fleas

Some dogs suffer from itching due to the annoying fleas that you can not take out even with shampoo, but coffee is able to keep these fleas away from your dog when you mix it with the shampoo intended for your dog and rub his hair with it and make sure that it is free of them, and so the coffee acts as a natural repellent to the insects that disturb your dog.

Hair wash

One of the benefits of cosmetic coffee is cleaning the scalp as it has a lower pH of water that works to replenish your scalp and stimulate follicles to help hair grow and caffeine is prevalent in them to prevent hair loss and enable the roots to grow, except that coffee gives hair shine and color to the hair and makes the texture more Softness and softness.

Wood treatment and furniture

People always look for a way to treat their furniture and products for wood pigmentation, but that is easier when you use coffee. Therefore, you can stain wood with coffee that is free of chemicals by fermenting it and then leaving it to cool. The stronger the drink, the more darker the color can be. You can use fine sanding paper to sand the surface of the furniture. Putting the coffee in a plastic bowl with the addition of alum to help it stick to the wood and to spread it on the piece to be treated, use a sponge or a piece of fabric and do not skimp by putting quantities of it on the surface because it will absorb and leave the wood to dry for 10-15 minutes and you can put more than one layer according to the color tone A To murad.

Repel insects

During a comfortable night outdoors, nothing can cloud the mood like annoying mosquitos, and here the coffee comes to be a repellent powder for these insects. Coffee beans are considered a safe way to repel mosquitoes, as they cannot resist them and use them, so put coffee in a container covered with chips and burn it just as incense works Put it in the wind, and you can add bay leaves that increase the efficiency of the product.

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