Vegetables that may lead to death

In our lives we have learned a lot about vegetables, their nutritional value, and the low calorie and fat content in them, and it is advised by the US Department of Agriculture to fill more than a quarter of the plate with vegetables to maintain a healthy diet, but no one thought it would cause someone’s death one day.


Spinach is one of the foods that was popular in our time and is famous as the source of the Popeye muscles the famous cartoon character .

spinach is recommended as a source of strength, but recently, spinach was responsible for the outbreak of many of the diseases transmitted by paper foods that have been reported.

Among the victims who were diagnosed with kidney failure caused by eating raw spinach from the ground was an elderly woman and 31 other cases were diagnosed with the same cause of infection.


One of the persons and his wife hosted a dinner for friends, as the wife presented an authority with peas, which she self-made, which was followed by the death of 12 people after which the authorities diagnosed that the cause of death was canned peas, which were contaminated and caused food poisoning, the symptoms of which included blurred vision, difficulty swallowing or speaking, and that poisoning could lead to death Another guest died even after peas were removed from power, bringing the number of deaths to 13.


The story speaks about a husband who loses his wife on a lettuce farm when her body was found at the store where the goods were delivered to him three days after the accident where they discovered after that she was crushed under the quantities of lettuce that is transported in the trailers and was judged to be an accident by the authorities.

Frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables have been identified as a source of outbreak of listeria over the years and all the cases diagnosed were caused by it, and although listeria is less prevalent than salmonella or coliform polio, it is one of the most dangerous diseases transmitted by food.

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