Unusual Food Combinations

Many people can recognize these exotic ingredients, but of course not all people know them, these exotic ingredients are recommended by many chefs and even housewives, and they say it helps improve the taste of food.

Carrots and Sugar

It is one of the common ways of making carrot dish in France, and it is putting sugar with the dish, and this dish is called Vichy Carrots, and it seems very strange to add sugar to the carrots, but it is a method widely spread throughout France, and the dish consists of carrots mixed with pepper salt To sugar, put a little sparkling water in the French region of Vichy, hence the name of this dish appeared, and people who tried it say that sugar increases the flavor of the dish.

Coffee and Salt

By adding some salt to the coffee it is said to increase its rich flavor, and this is a common use in many countries that you may find in most cafes, and also in the event that you request salted coffee, you can order some sweets next to them, but the dessert will be salted as well.

Tomatoes and Sugar

Most people when they eat tomatoes sprinkle them with a little salt, but in this way you will put sugar on tomatoes instead of salt, and actually adding salt increases the acidic flavor of tomatoes while sugar sweetens and increases the flavor of tomatoes as a kind of fruit.

Potatoes and Nutmeg

All dishes that contain potatoes are usually put a little nutmeg ground on them, but the quantity is very little only to give a distinct flavor to the potato, and most of those who eat it do not notice the taste of nutmeg in it, but they love it.

Chili and Chocolate

To strengthen the flavor of hot peppers, many people put chocolate with him, to strengthen peppers and observe them extensively in food, and it is one of the cooking methods that are widespread in southern countries.

Strawberries and Pepper

Fresh strawberries are usually served either without any additions or sprinkle a little sugar to them, but here we add well ground pepper to add to the rich flavor of strawberries

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