Unhealthy foods that you think are healthy

Many are trying to adopt healthy food in his life in choosing foods that contain healthy ingredients and are free of fatty food, but there are some goods that you think are healthy, but they are not.

Soy sauce

Shock for soy sauce lovers Knowing that, despite what may appear to be healthy, because there are no antioxidants in it, they contain large amounts of salt, but there are studies that showed that they contain chemicals known to increase the risk of cancer, and several publications have emerged that warn and warn in this regard that New types of low-sodium and chemical-free soy appeared.

Fruit juice

It may be controversial to know that fruit juice is present on this list because we know that it contains many vitamins, but regardless of its types it is added to it a lot of sugar and pulp is given to some of them as this is the part that contains the most amount of nutritional benefits so It is better to eat whole raw fruit instead of these juices.

White bread

This type is known to be pasta in the form of bread because of its high-fat content, and many believe that it is beneficial, but it is completely the opposite, as it is considered an essential factor in increasing weight and feeling lethargic.

The pasta

Pasta is an empty carbohydrate of vitamins, fibers and minerals, and hardly any little egg added to its mixture (ordinary white flour mixed with eggs and water) and this also applies to the Chinese fast pasta that contains large amounts of salt mixed with unhealthy fats.

Vegetable oil

It is well known that the more liquid the more healthy the fat. However, most people forget that the regular butter is heated and melted to become liquid, but this does not alter or change anything of its nutritional value and the fat in it. The oil that is used for frying in most homes and restaurants is palm oil which is believed to be Vegetarian and healthy, but similarly, it is completely saturated oil that is not healthy, so french fries are not healthy foods at all.

Soup powder

This soup, which is made from a green powder to which some boiling water is added, cannot be good or healthy for you as it actually contains a mixture of salt and preservatives, and these substances are a major contributor to heart disease and prevent the kidneys from doing their job and increases the rate of high blood pressure as well .

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