Traditional Refreshing Ramadan Drinks

Ramadan drinks are the main thing that quenches the thirst of fasting people, each drink has its benefit and its special taste.

Tamarind ( Arabic: تمرهندي )

Very common Ramadan drink in the Arab country, it tastes a little sour.

It is made from tamarind fruits mixed with sugar and water.

Liquorice (Arabic: عرق سوس )

A popular drink in the Arab world, especially in Syria and Egypt.

It is made from boiled licorice roots and served cold with sugar.

Qamar al-Din (Arabic: قمرالدين )

One of the most famous drinks of Ramadan, it is taken during iftar or suhoor.

It is made from dried apricots or apricot paste.

Salep (Arabic: سحلب)

A sweet, traditional Ramadan drink in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Jordan.

Made from milk, sugar, starch, and rose water and served with crunchy and ground pistachios.

Sobia (Arabic: سوبيا)

Sobia drink is very popular in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

It is made from brown bread yeast, barley, spices, and sugar.

Subia can be white or dyed red.

Carob (Arabic: خروب)

A traditional Egyptian drink rich in proteins, fibers, and antioxidants, it helps the fasting person endure long hours of fasting.

It is made from boiled carob roots, sugar, and water.

Hibiscus (Arabic: كركدية)

Hibiscus is served cold or hot according to the way you love, but in Ramadan and in the summer it is best to take it a little cold in order to feel fresh before taking breakfast.

Milk and dates

One of the healthy, delicious drinks that you can take if you want a refreshing, rich drink to start your breakfast.

Dried dates are left in the milk until it becomes easy to chew with the addition of a little sugar.

Jallab (Arabic: الجلاب)

Jallab is one of the famous drinks in Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon, which is made from mixing dates syrup, grape molasses and rose water with lots of pine and raisins.

11 Delicious Drinks to Get You Through Ramadan

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