Traditional Georgian Food

It can be said that Georgian food is one of the most delicious foods in the world, as it is distinguished by the flavors that combine European and Asian tastes in the taste of Greece and the Mediterranean, in addition to influences from Turkey and Persia. Georgian cuisine offers an extensive menu of traditional Georgian dishes and Georgian food and is an expression well suited to culture, and their food is based on herbs such as parsley, dill and coriander with nuts and garlic for fillings and rich sauces.

Certainly when you are in Georgia you will try Georgia restaurants, and once you taste one of the Georgian cuisine dishes, you will love it and make it to your favorite menu.

Khachapuri Georgian cheese bread

It is one of the most famous traditional and main dishes in Georgian cuisine, and is prepared by the locals. It is a sausage stuffed with famous Gui cheese. Even everyone introduces it in a different way, so you find that some add to the face of eggs in a way that opens your appetite. It really mixing bread with cheese and eggs makes it very distinctive and most beautiful taste of all that it is quick to prepare.

Georgian Khinkali dumplings

One of the most popular dishes you rarely find in Georgia does not serve this dish. It is very similar to zalabya, but many fillings, such as cheese or meat, and some of the spices are placed inside, which add to the dish a nice taste. Then this dough turns to become like a ball. If you are a vegetarian, these fillings can be replaced with potatoes, vegetables and herbs. Serve this dish with soup.


If you want to know the Georgian cuisine about its origins, you should put this dish on the list of dishes you will taste in Georgia. It is considered a type of soup and has some pieces of meat cooked with eggs, peppers and green peach. These ingredients may be strange to your hearing, as some of them do not match with each other, but when you taste it, the matter is completely different and inevitably it will change your thinking.

Georgian pickles

One of the most popular delicacies in Georgia, which cannot be tasted anywhere, these pickles include various types and shapes of vegetables. Like cucumber, garlic, zucchini, pickled janjuli flowers, one of the strangest flavors to taste. As it is considered acquired taste, it also gives different textures to food.


Churchkhela is a traditional sausage-shaped candy made by repeatedly dipping a long string of nuts in tatara (a mixture of flour, sugar - concentrated fresh grape juice). Georgians usually make Churchkhela in the autumn when grapes and nuts are harvested. Churchkhela can also be made with dried fruit (such as peach, apple or plum) and pumpkin seeds.


Gozinaki is a traditional Georgian confection made of fried walnuts caramelized in honey. You can also use almonds or other kind of nuts.

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