Traditional Food In Vietnam

Vietnam This great country in its history, it is a long country geographically and narrowly in Southeast Asia, bordered by China from the north, and from the west by Cambodia, Laos and the Gulf of Thailand, to the east by the Chinese sea.

The geographical nature of Vietnam played an important role in the kitchen, and rice is the mainstay of the diet as it grows in all countries, especially in the Red River Delta in the north, and the Mekong River Delta in the south. The climate also affects the available ingredients, as it plays a role in determining the types of dishes that prevail in each region.

Vietnamese cuisine was also affected by the neighbors, the nature of the food and the way of cooking, as the Mongolians brought with them beef since the tenth century, and it became a food for Vietnamese.

Also the Chinese who controlled Vietnam for 1000 years, taught this people many ways of cooking, such as frying all kinds, and using chopsticks.

In the south, Cambodian and Thai neighbors have influenced the preparation of some ingredients as Cambodian flat egg noodles, hot spices and coconut milk.

Outside of Vietnam, Vietnamese cuisine is widely known for its immigrant communities as well as Australia, the United States, Canada, and France. Vietnamese cuisine is also popular in Japan, Korea, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland and Russia.

Vietnamese food is distinctive and unforgettable, and it depends on the balance between the sweet, sweet, sour and spicy flavors, and many fresh herbs are used in its dishes without being too hot, and the hot sauce dish is served alone.

What are the most popular Vietnamese food?

Pho bo

Delicious noodles and beef soup, which is a distinctive traditional dish in Vietnam, is often eaten for breakfast, and consists of beef stock or chicken flavored with ginger and coriander with rice noodles. And green onions.

Goi cuon

Among the most famous Vietnamese dishes, transparent rolls of vegetables, coriander, and a variety of minced meat, such as shrimp or crab, is served in some places with a dish of lettuce or mint.

Cha ca

Distinctive and exquisite seafood dishes, it is said to have been created in Hanoi, consisting of white fish toasted with butter with dill and green onions, served with rice noodles and pistachios.


A delicious platter of sticky rice, accompanying meals in Vietnam rather than a single meal, often with dried leeks above it.

Jasmine tea

It is a local beverage tea in Vietnam, and is made by adding jasmine flowers to the teapot.

Cà phê sữa đá

Strong iced coffee, often served with condensed and sweetened milk at the bottom of the cup, is a very popular drink. Sweets Sweets are not very common in Vietnam as in North America for example, except for pieces of fresh fruit, but it is one of the most famous sweets as coconut custard and is usually eaten after a festive meal.

Cow cake

It is a delicious cake made with rice flour and coconut milk, with honey

Vani và

One of the fun dessert recipes in Vietnam, which is vanilla ice cream with mango, and amazing with the family, especially at the weekend

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