Traditional Food In UK

British cuisineis the heritage of cooking traditions and practices associated with theUnited Kingdom. Although Britain has a rich indigenous culinary tradition, itscolonial historyhas profoundly enriched its native cooking traditions. British cuisine absorbed the cultural influences of its post-colonial territories – in particular those of South Asia.

Bangers and mash

A traditional English meal famous in British kitchens, this dish includes only two things: sausage and mashed potatoes, the potato puree is prepared with a lot of butter and milk, which makes it a creamy meal par excellence!

So the sausage is made of pork, so you have to ask that the sausage is beef. Serve the dish after pouring some meat sauce on top of the dish and put slices of red onion.

Roast dinner

We cannot talk about the famous food in British cuisine without mentioning a grilled dinner on the menu, the dish consists of fried meat and mashed or grilled potatoes and some vegetables and this traditional meal was a main meal on Sunday in Britain.

Bread and butter pudding

Now we will talk about the famous British sweets, you will find many famous sweets there but we will talk about the traditional dessert which is the bread and butter pudding, In the past, bread and butter was a meal for very poor families, where the bread was evaporated and put in the form of layers and poured some butter on the face, but now some dried fruits are placed inside the milk and then put them inside the layers of bread, this dessert is now one of the most popular sweets in Britain and very suitable in winter season.

Fish and chips

Cod and French fries are one of the most popular English meals served in Britain.

Where the fish are fried until the beautiful golden color is made, fried or pureed peas are added to the dish, you may find a dish of fried onion rings as a side dish, but you must order it yourself.

Pie and Mash

It is a traditional meal in London spread in the working class, in the past the pie was served with eel (eel) but now it was replaced by meat.

But you can still find pastry stuffed with eel and the fish may be grilled or fried.

Usually served with the addition of potato puree and meat sauce.

Yorkshire Pudding

This is not a dessert, as it is served alongside the main course or as a start for a feast,

It is made from a mixture of milk, flour and eggs and then baked in the oven with moistened with broth,

Because of its limited ingredients, this dessert has become very suitable for poor families, but you will also find it in most high-end restaurants, especially in London.

Ploughman’s Lunch

Originally this dish was a lunch or dinner for those British where they were eating everything from their cultivation, this meal consists of cheddar cheese, thick beef slices, boiled eggs and some salt and pepper on the face of this meal; This meal is very easy to prepare at home yourself.

And do not hesitate to add watercress and fresh tomatoes and enjoy your meal!

English breakfast

This delicious meal is usually eaten in the morning as a breakfast in London, where the meal includes all the nutritional benefits you need for breakfast.

The meal consists of fried eggs, bacon (so you should be free of pork and replace it with beef), and you will find some sausages and roasted beans, besides that you can add red mushrooms to your dish.

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