Traditional food in Turkey

There are many Turkish dishes and sweets, some of which are only famous in Turkey and some dishes spread to the Arab countries and Europe, and even that the Turkish cuisine affected the neighboring countries, it is possible to smell the smell of food, Levant, Greece, and Persia and Andalusia in Turkish cuisine.


There are 291 different types of them in different regions of Turkey. It was the beginning of the kofta from the city of Urfa, where they used to knead meat with bulgur and hot red pepper, and many years ago the intention of the kofta was limited to bulgur, boiled potatoes, red pepper, and hot black, Without dispensing Meat as it may cause some diseases due to the lack of cooking the meat, and the intention kofta is currently one of the most popular dishes in Turkish cities, and its price is proportional to all segments of Turkish society.

Alexander Kebab

Iskander Kebab is one of the most famous Turkish dishes, especially in the northwest, in the Turkish city of Bursa, and the name belongs to Iskandar Effendi, who resided in Turkey in the nineteenth century, and has become a legacy of Iskandar's descendants in the Turkish city of Bursa, and it consists of explanations of meat and tomato sauce, and placed On top of pieces of bread, put in this dish a little milk and slices of tomatoes and green pepper, and pour the hot butter over the dish.


It is a Turkish-Asian food, and it is famous in Turkey, Albania, Greece and Armenia, and all these countries call it by this name with a slight difference in letters, and it consists of the intestines of goats, or sheep, cleans well with water and soaked in lemon, vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper and olive oil, and after hours of the marinade is wrapped in a shawarma skewer skewer, and it is cooked over low heat, usually over charcoal, and served as a sandwich with salads.


Smite dates back to the days of the Ottoman Empire to the fourteenth century, and it is also famous in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia and it is considered one of the most famous and most eaten Turks in

Their breakfast meals, and the smith is considered one of the most famous and most of what Turks eat is sesame cakes, no one goes to Istanbul without eating it, there are many and varied sizes, it is sold in kiosks and ovens in the streets of Istanbul and consists of sesame seeds usually and served with Turkish tea.


The breakage dish, which is a side dish, is considered one of the famous dishes in Turkey, especially the southern part, and its origin is from the Turkish city of Mersin, which is a side dish from the family of authorities, consisting of bulgur that roasts a little over the fire, with tomato sauce, and mixed with red pepper Spicy with olive oil, and after roasting mixed with different types of vegetables such as green onions, parsley, pieces of lettuce, squeeze lemon, and a few sour pomegranate seeds.


It is a roll of very thin dough with slices of buffalo meat with tomatoes, peppers, burning spices and Turkish garlic cream, the birthplace of this meal is "Mersin", that meal must have a burning effect on the lips, and there are some restaurants that reduce the intensity of the heat according to request.

Balak Ekmak

The fish sandwich or “Balak Ekmak” is one of the most popular meals on the streets of Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. In no case can this meal be ignored when you pass by Karakoy and Aminonu Beach. The meal is served in kiosks and fast food carts and in luxury restaurants alike, consisting of A piece of Turkish fish fillet cooked with onion slices, tomatoes and leafy vegetables with delicious Turkish spices.

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