Traditional Food In Thailand

Thai cuisine is known for its spicy food, which is used extensively by many types of distinctive local spices, and in its rich color with beautiful and rare colors.

Khao Sui

This soup dates from the Republic of Laos, which is found in northern Thailand, and is also found in the cities of northern Thailand and includes noodles with spices, curries, meats, green onions and coriander.


This meal is eaten in northern Thailand, which is a cold salad consisting of minced meat with hot and dry local spices, including cumin, cloves, lysum, cinnamon, and vegetables such as green chili, mint and green onions. Rice is eaten next to the dish.

Nam Tok

This fresh salad is found in northern Thailand, and it resembles the salad of the larb, but it differs in the fact that the tok salad includes red onions and sliced ​​meat, not chopped, and the red chili pepper is placed with it.

Som Tom

This salad is eaten in many countries in the Far East, but the Thai cooking recipe has won a global match from the end of 50 meals in the world.

It mainly consists of slices of papaya and Asian green beans, including lime, which resembles small green lemon and hot pepper, and sometimes it is applied to the meal for the flavor of the crab flavor.

Khao Fat Kravao

Spread in the center of Thailand area except for rice cooked with slices of chicken meat, red chili pepper sauce, chopped green basil leaves and u by lemon

Kaenng Vanning

It is one of the famous and topped foods in the center of Thailand, which is a soup that includes chicken meat or livestock cooked with curry, lemon and onion and coriander, in addition to garlic, cumin, hot red pepper, ground pistachio and shrimp sauce.

Kai Baz Med Mamuang Hemaban

One of the popular dishes in Thailand, which is fried salty and slightly sweet fried chicken with cashew nuts, and it fits well with children, or beginners who do not eat spices frequently.

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