Traditional Food In Switzerland

If Switzerland is your next tourist destination, do not think that all that you will be blessed with are only picturesque and charming scenery, beside the picnics and tourist places there are dishes that the country is famous for, the Swiss cuisine has its treasures, and here are some wonderful Swiss cuisine, so do not miss it before trying to leave Switzerland.


Fondue is one of the most important dishes that the Swiss cuisine is famous for, and it is one of the most popular dishes there, as it has a beautiful pungent smell, and it melts in the mouth and consists of alorent cheese, Swiss Gruyere cheese, apple juice or lemon, garlic, starch, salt, pepper and nutmeg, and it is eaten by adults and children with cubes .


It is considered one of the national dishes in Switzerland, and it is spread in the villages of the Swiss Alps, and eaten with boiled or roasted potatoes, pickled cucumbers and olives, which is grilled cheese, skimming the melted layer of it, and eaten with toasted toast.


It is like racelite from the national dishes in Switzerland, and it consists of grated potatoes, and was eaten by farmers in the Bern region, and the way it is prepared in the complex simplicity, and throughout Switzerland, and it is one of the main dishes that citizens are used to eating breakfast most of the time.

Cordon Bleu

It is one of the famous Swiss dishes that appeared in the forties of the last century. It is a chicken stuffed with slices of luncheon from the inside and cheese, and it is fried in oil after covering it with eggs and rusk.

Swiss chocolate

Switzerland is one of the countries on the throne of the chocolate industry that started in its manufacture since the seventeenth century, and the average Swiss citizen's consumption of chocolate is the highest in the world, and Switzerland owns international companies for the manufacture of chocolate such as Nestle, Lint and Toblerone, and some attribute the magic of Swiss chocolate to the quality of milk coming from cows who It is nurtured at the foothills of the Alps.

Every city in Switzerland can make a different kind of chocolate, and there is a prominence museum, which is located in the city of Lugano and produces 8 thousand tons annually of chocolate, which is a museum of a different nature where the visitor watches the process of making chocolate and the stages it goes through

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