Traditional Food In Sudan

Sudanese cuisine was affected by many of the kitchens of other countries, such as the Egyptian, Turkish, and Syrian cuisine, and this affected dependency on the famous foods in Sudan. Each kitchen left its mark on the Sudanese cuisine by introducing new ingredients from vegetables and hot food, and despite that, the Sudanese cuisine preserved their flavors and identity.


Of the delicious Sudanese dishes that consist of the bowels of the lamb, of course, after cleaning them well and adding with kidney and liver viscera, then they are dazzled with smart spices and eaten with bread or broken with bread.


A delicious, hearty and well-liked meal consisting of flesh in the bone with the addition of the neck as well and seasoned with Sudanese spices, salt and chili, and made from broth and served as a basic meal with pasta or rice.


A very delicious Sudanese dish rich in nutrients containing the liver with spices, flour and dates


Of the delicious Sudanese dishes that the Sudanese people depend on for their meals contains fried meat flavored with the most delicious spices and Sudanese spices, so it tastes good and delicious. It contains chicken or cow meat with black pepper, onions, salt, oil, garlic and spinach. It is done first when cooked, frying the meat in oil with onions, then put water, put the rest of the ingredients and cook the meat with it well, then go out and fry in the oil, and the Sudanese prefer to serve the meat in a separate dish and broth with spinach individually.

Mallah Naimia

Among the Sudanese dishes based on vegetables from tomatoes, wickets, dried onions with spices, spices such as brown pepper and salt, in addition to oil and water with yogurt. It is to mix all the ingredients together in the mixer and add the mixture to the bowl added to the previously browned onion.

Mallah AL roup Ala abyad

Of delicious and smart Sudanese dishes consist of yogurt, garlic, onions, salt, black pepper, municipal ghee and ground rice with flour.

Sudanese falafel

Falafel is of course one of the indispensable and famous foods in Egypt, and it is one of the foods that entered Sudan through Egypt with the delicious flavors of Sudan. It is a mixture of chickpeas, garlic, onions, hot pepper with salt, dry coriander and baking powder. The water is then ground and mixed with all the mixture and formed in a circular shape and fried in oil.

Al Ofous

A type of Sudanese salads that consist of Baobab tree leaves similar to watercress and added to it onions and strawberry.

Madedet Dakhan

Of the traditional Sudanese cuisine and used for sweetening consisting of millet flour, water, margarine for frying, and a perfume that is wet in a cup of water, as well as some margarine to decorate the face, the flour is browned with ghee, placed over water and rubbed with a spoon of wood, then the perfume is rubbed in the water and placed over the mixture and turns yellow like turmeric Above them, sprinkle with salt, then served in molds or sugars, which are presented as a cold or hot sweet, and then put on it milk, ghee, and some sugar for decoration.

Madedet Helba

Of the famous foods in Sudan consist of ground fenugreek seeds with ghee, water, and milk as well with the addition of custard or the use of ground rice with melting of the first two with water and stirring until it gives the required consistency and the sugar is placed according to what the individual desires and served with spraying his face with sesame pre-roasting.


Sudanese sweets for after meals consist of ghee, flour, sugar and similar to basbousa in taste

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