Traditional food in Spain

Spanish cuisine is considered one of the richest kitchens in the world, and it mixes peoples ’menus, from French and Northern European dishes, to Latin dishes that have left their marks on the composition of many traditional Spanish foods. Chefs of Spain are among the most famous in the world, such as Ferran Adria, preparing their foods with local materials. What is available in their country’s environment, which hindered the arrival of Spanish restaurants to the world, which was perhaps a good thing, because of the privacy and authenticity of this kitchen, and if you visited Spain before, you will know how important food is to the diverse culture of the province, and over the centuries, Spanish cuisine has evolved into a total The wide variety of delicious dishes based on fresh and colorful ingredients from all over the country .


Paella is one of the most common and traditional Spanish dishes, and it is traditionally a rice dish with saffron with beans and meat, but with time it becomes a list of options, and among the most famous is rice prepared with seafood, especially shrimp, with an additional diversification of small seafood, sometimes with rice dyed with ink Black squid, but the ingredient that does not change in this dish is definitely rice with saffron, and it is said that the main dish with rice came during the period of the Arab rule, and they were distributing more than their tables to the poor of cities, in a mixture that collects the "remains" of food, and that the name came from this tradition And the He owns his own identity with time.

Pollo al Ajillo

A classic Spanish dish, similar in character to all common dishes of the Mediterranean peoples. In short, it is a garlic chicken dish that is cooked with rosemary and thyme, and is popular with a sip of white wine to add a rich and refreshing flavor.


It is a cold soup made mainly of tomatoes, and is one of the basics of summer drinks. Very common, mainly among vegetarians, it is made from ripe red tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, peppers, bread and olive oil, and its thickness can vary, it goes back to Andalusia, and some rarely heat it up.


It is another great vegetarian dish that you will find all over the country. Made with tomatoes, onions, eggplant, zucchini and pepper, and some restaurants resort to adding fried eggs to it sometimes.

Tortilla Española

Omelette or omelette as we know it in Arabic is one of the most popular foods in Spain, and it can be found in various bars as a ready meal, and of course as all traditional food has undergone some innovations, but the traditional omelette is made from potatoes and eggs with green pepper and some tomato.


One of the most popular Spanish sweets in the world and not only in Spain, where it spread all over Europe and Latin America. Churros pies consist of a dough prepared from butter, water, flour and eggs, and the dough fingers are fried in hot oil until they become golden in color and are covered with sugar or dipped in A hot chocolate sauce, and Churros fingers are often eaten at breakfast and can be bought in all sweet shops or even street vendors all over the country.

Leche Frita

Leche Frita is among the most famous Spanish sweets, meaning fried milk. It dates back to the northern provinces, which is a mixture of flour, milk and sugar, cooked until it becomes a thick dough, then cut into small pieces, fried in a hot fire and covered with sugar and cinnamon.

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