Traditional food in Saudi Arabia


Of course, we cannot talk about Saudi folk food without the kabsa topping the list of these dishes! Kabsa is the most popular Saudi dish, and Kabsa is spread in many different countries around the world.

The kabsa is made from basmati rice, meat, vegetables, spices and spices, and we can say that the kabsa spices are the main ingredient in it. Spices and seasonings give the kabsa its distinctive delicious taste. Among the mixture of spices that are added to the Kabsa black pepper, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, cloves, dried lemon, lime leaf and nutmeg.

Any type of meat can be used to cook this popular dish, lamb, cow, chicken, fish, shrimp or camel. You can also buy spice mixture ready to cook the press easily, this shortens the time of preparation, but the taste of the kabsa may not be like the traditional kabsa

Al- Mutabaq

The traditional Saudi dish is one of the most popular dishes in the Hejaz region, and it consists of stuffed bread cooked on the tin.

What is applied is not only one of the most popular Saudi fare, but also one of the most popular fare in Yemen, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Thailand. Its name may vary slightly depending on the location, as well as the filling ingredients or baking dough, but the method of cooking is the same.

Although the filling varies, but the same applies everywhere, thin tin bread, it is filled with a mixture of meat or vegetables with an egg mixture, then applied, leveled and cut


Garesh or mash is one of the oldest Saudi folk food. People have eaten grind since the centenary period. Traditional Saudi groats are made from boiled wheat grain boiled with rice, onions, spices, meat and broth. This recipe may seem unfamiliar to you, but it's very tasty!

The strength and composition of the jarish may differ between those who love it in the texture of porridge and those who love it more dense like dumplings, and the popularity of jarish increases among the Saudis in Ramadan


Al-Sulaik is one of the most popular Saudi fare and is made from white rice cooked in milk and gravy. Some people say it resembles the Italian risotto.

Al-Sulaik is famous in the Hejaz region, which is a food rich in taste and nutritional value, and most children especially like it. In winter, people cook impregnated for their heating capacity, standing next to a tomato, a spicy tomato sauce and pickled lemon.


Al-Masoub is one of the most delicious Saudi folk food for breakfast. It consists of banana porridge and bread with honey and nuts. This dish is famous for several reasons, it is very tasty and very simple, you can prepare a blindfold in just five minutes!

Just mash some ripe bananas too much with some crushed bread, sprinkle honey and nuts on top of them, and here is your Saudi breakfast ready!


Arabs are famous for eating dates after food, and this certainly applies to a country like Saudi Arabia that is known for its abundance of dates and dates. Many desserts. Most people are satisfied with dates, dates stuffed with nuts, or a nostalgic dessert made from dates.

These traditional sweets are made from dates, flour, butter, cardamom and saffron, and they taste great! It is warm and enjoyable and has a distinct flavor.

Al-Hanini is usually served with Arabic coffee, in the blessed month of Ramadan

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