Traditional Food In Salvador

The traditional cuisine in El Salvador (a country in Central America) contains food from the original American cuisine, the cuisine of the indigenous Mayan, Inca and Bebel as well as citizens of Spain and Europe. Corn is used in most dishes.

Platanos con crema y frijoles

Sweet banana served next to legumes and sour cream, usually eaten as breakfast, bananas can be fried or baked, and add eggs and thick tortilla bread you will have the perfect dish to try.


This is the most distinctive dish in El Salvador, a round, flat dish, stuffed with different types such as beans and cheese, cheese and lorocco (edible local flower), fine meat and mixture of beans, cheese.

Pollo encebollado

A famous Salvadoran dish, contains chicken cooked with onions, Salvadoran cheese, and hard cheese.

Pastelitos de pollo

Small pies, stuffed traditionally with chicken meat and minced vegetables, are soft, but can be made from other types of meat, then fried to turn golden brown, sometimes the dough is brought with achiote which are ground annatto seeds that turn the color of the dough into a red color and taste to a little earthy, usually served with Curtido dish.

Siete Mares

The Seven Seas soup, where there is everything that can be eaten from the ocean, includes fish, lobster, squid, shellfish, lobster, shrimp and a lot of vegetables, and lemon squeeze over it.


Delicious beef soup from cuisine in El Salvador, contains large pieces of meat cooked with large equal pieces of corn, carrots, cabbage, zucchini and güisquil which is a kind of gourd, to which can be added a plate of rice.


It is a wet, puffy, rolled pastry or cake made of Honduran Ruskilo cheese, and there are rice puddings and more.


A traditional quarterly dessert that dates back centuries to the Mayan days and is consumed throughout Central America, made from ground pumpkin seeds

Empanadas de leche

A delicious dessert or morning meal with coffee, made from pureed bananas and formed from small oval balls stuffed with vanilla custard, then fried and served with sprinkle of sugar over it

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