Traditional food in Russia

The Russian cuisine is one of the most varied kitchens because Russia is the largest in the world as well as from the cold regions and its cuisine varies and the diversity and accentuation of each region and its customs, but the Russian kitchen in general in all regions depends on the bread that is always present with all meals, and we will discuss here about the famous foods in Russia.

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is one of the most popular dishes in Russia. Traditional steaks in butter sauce or "sour cream" smetana with onions and mustard can be poured over pasta, or rice, or eat it alone.


It is one of the fatty Russian dishes that contain the finest spices that give it a distinctive flavor, which is on the pieces of meat, especially the delicious veal, and a small amount of vegetables, especially onions and carrots, are added to the meat alongside it is added to spices, parsley, garlic, capsicum and bay leaf.


One of the most famous foods in all countries, especially Russia, for the creativity of the Russian cuisine in barbecue of all kinds and seasoning dependent on herbs, and the Chicheilik is a distinctive Russian food, where the meat is roasted with metal skewers and the Russian barbecue is also distinguished by providing large quantities of lamb meat, or chicken, as well as delicious beef or salmon, With signature Russian bread, hot sauce or pickles.


Meat gel, or as it is called in Russia, is the jelly of meat, one of the appetizers in Russia as it serves cold, and of course, it consists of delicious meat in the form of pieces with thick gravy and left for hours until the completion of maturity.

Kiev chicken

Kiev chicken is a Russian food in particular, and it consists of pieces of chicken packed with butter. It is preferred by children in Russia in particular, and by the rural people who prefer it with a mushroom dish mixed with delicious potatoes.

Russian authority

And that Russian salad is one of the side dishes that is indispensable in all Russian kitchens, especially as it is rich in all minerals and vitamins because of its diversity in its components, and the Russian authority gained during the last period an international month, known as Oliver in Moscow attributed to the chef who excelled in preparing his secret mixture It is a dish that consists of cucumber, potato slices, mayonnaise, peas and eggs, and it is a crisp, fresh and delicious dish.

Finegrid Authority

A type of salad that appeared in Russian cuisine during the 19th century, and it consists of onions, carrots, potatoes, pickles, beets, beans, all mixed with pure type of sunflower oil.


In Russia, a kind of exotic and tasty drinks known as compote, it is a piece of delicious fruit mixed with sugar with boiling water that is stirred until mixed and then placed in the refrigerator and preferably served cold.


One of the oldest drinks in Russia, very loved by everyone, it does not differ on any category, which is a drink of alcohol on barley with the addition of berries and added herbs, as well as fruit juice because it refreshes in high temperatures and prefers to drink cold.

Bellini Pancake

Thin Russian pies are similar to the crepe in its delicacy and are made from buckwheat and served with jam or sour cream and prefer them at breakfast, one of the most famous Russian sweets in festivals and celebrations.


It is a Russian sweet dessert, which is a great homemade cheese served often with raspberry jam and bee honey.


Pastries are very popular in Russian cuisine, and they are delicious pastries with delicious apples.

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