Traditional food in Romania

Romania's cuisine may be many and multiple, as Romanian cuisine may also consist of a mixture of multiple dishes, and may be different from several traditions as well, as we add to the dishes that may be present and that may be preserving its own characteristics. The Romanian cuisine has also been affected by the kitchen The Ottoman, which may include a cycle of influences from many of the neighbors' kitchens, such as Germany, Bulgaria and Hungary in addition to Serbia, the Romanian kitchen may have to possess techniques and cooking methods that may be distinctive and far from a variety of common ingredients unknown, and unfortunately there may be many few seasonal products in traditional old cuisine.

Cabbage rolls

Cabbage rolls may consist of minced meat, which may be fine, or from cow or lamb, as well as chicken and fish, and may be mixed with rice and there are other components, and also may be wrapped with cabbage leaves and these wraps may be served in many areas and with cooked corn in addition To the milk (sour cream).

Mamaliga cu branza si smantana

Mamaliga cu branza si smantana may be a delicious side dish that may mean corn meal with milk and salty cheese. The mamaliga cu branza si smantana may consist of boiled corn that may be traditionally cooked with salty water and in an iron pot then also add layers of cheese to the corn May be applied to the face of labneh (sour cream)

Carnati afumati

The smoky nuts may be Carnati afumati, a delicacy of delicacies, and is also made from minced meat that is soft and which may be stuffed with the intestines of animals, and is placed over the fire This traditional openness with salt and also garlic, hot pepper and sweet colored gives it a wonderful view, which is one of the beautiful forms That may be formed in addition to cumin.

Bean soup

Bean soup may be one of the basic foods in Roman cuisine, which may be different ways of preparing it from one region to another in a clear and explicit way, and it may be found in the south and it may be brought in many types of vegetables in Moldova it may be flavored with dill or also tarragon, and it may be found in Transylvania It may thicken with flour, it may be cooked with oil and also with milk, and despite all this difference it may remain a landmark.

Beef salad

The beef salad may be taken from a French name and in spite of this except that this traditional dish is in Romania, and it may be a source of Russian salad and may consist of cubes of boiled carrots, eggs and also parsley, in addition to potatoes as well as beef and may also be enriched with pickles and peas May be mixed with mayonnaise

Muceinic moldovenesti

One of the famous foods in Romania is the sweet dough fingers Muceinic moldovenesti is a sweet dough sweet, it may be made in the form of long fingers and may be done in traditional holidays and celebrations.


It is one of the famous foods in Romania. The papanash may be a sweet that may be made from sweet cow cheese and it may be served with powdered sugar and also may be served with jam.

Placinte branza dulce

It is fried pancakes served with sweet shrub, one of the famous foods in Romania and fried pastries may be one of the old traditional foods in Romania, which may be delicious dessert

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