Traditional Food In Morocco

Moroccan cuisine is the first Arab and Africa, and the second globally after France, consisting mainly of meat, vegetables, and also barley and rice. Fortunately, Moroccan cuisine was not affected by any of the kitchens of the world, the French, and this makes it unique and one of the best in the world.


It is one of the famous dishes in Morocco, and delicious, which is characterized simply by its contents, and this authentic Moroccan dish is distinguished as it is presented on the occasion of birth.

And raffisa is a dish prepared from chicken mixed with dough from cereal flour in the form of circles equipped above the oil, and cut into cubes, as this dish includes food and hot spices, the most important of which is "Ras Al-Hanout", which works to obtain immunity to fight colds.


Couscous is the first thing that tourists search for when they come to one of the cities of the Kingdom, and it has become customary for this meal to be eaten on Friday's food for different families and cafes, along with cups of milk, as it is considered one of the main foods that top the list in all weddings and occasions.

It is one of the traditional Moroccan dishes, prepared from barley flour, or wheat, with vegetables placed in various types, shapes and meat.

The couscous dish is prepared in a perforated bowl with small holes called couscous, which works to cross the hot steam towards couscous, from the bottom of the dish where you cook vegetables and meat.

Kareen with houmous

Kareen with houmous is one of the most popular dishes in Morocco, where preparation is done by washing the kareen and leaving it in hot water next to a huge amount of houmous, which gives it pleasure and often accompanies this spicy spice.

Karan and Biscuit

It is one of the most important things that the eastern region knows in the field of cooking, as Biscuit are distinguished by their delicious taste, and they are eaten during occasions and holidays, but that does not prevent him from being in the houses, whose members eat them every day during morning and evening with tea.

As for Karan, it is the mixture that mainly consists of crushed chickpeas, to which added cumin and hot pepper during serving.


Shermula is a mixture of seaweed and spices. The Shermula is used as a seasoning for the fish before it is roasted in charcoal or eaten as dipping.


Makoda is like a finely fried potato balls, served with a delicious spicy Harissa sauce.

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