Traditional food in Maldives

The kitchen in the Maldives is considered one of the best kitchens in the world, as it is one of the things that remains stuck in the minds of tourists, and where everyone who tasted the Maldivian cuisine talks about the best famous foods in the Maldives and the fact that what is recommended for his experience, and that good reputation of the Maldivian kitchen is due to The presence of the most skilled chefs, as well as to the establishment of training courses always and work to develop cooking, as they are keen to diversity in the recipes of spices in order to give a special and distinctive taste for their meals

Spring Rolls

Samosas or samosas as they are called in the Maldives are among the most famous foods in the Maldives that are recommended to try on arrival in the Maldives. Samosas consist of light chips stuffed with eggs and onions, and they are cooked over low heat until they become brittle, and samosas are one of the breakfasts in the Maldives Since it is a light and nutritious pastry, it is more popular in the morning.

Banana flowers salad

The distributor salad meal in the Maldives is called the “Mashoni bushi”, and it is one of the famous foods in the Maldives. Banana flowers salad is produced from healthy meals, as it is free from processed fats and sugars, and all its components are from natural nutrients, and a flower salad is formed Bananas from the banana tree flowers with fresh coconut onions, seasoned with curry, cumin and a little pepper. Banana salad salad is accepted by all those following a weight-loss diet, because it is one of the permitted foods in these diets.

“Garudhiya “ Fish Soup

If you are a fan of trying all that is new in seafood, you will definitely appeal to Maldivian fish soup. And finally the lemon, whose acidic flavor is overwhelmed by soup, the Maldivian fish soup is the official meal for the Maldives in the winter, to provide warmth as well as for containing lemon, and sometimes the Maldivian fish soup with fried onion sausage is served as an integrated meal in some restaurants in the Maldives.

Huni Roshi

Allows for the proximity of the Maldives to the island of Sri Lanka, the Maldives has taken coconut bread from the island of Sri Lanka, and coconut bread is one of the basic elements that are served with all meals in the Maldives, as well as coconut bread with its own flavor, and sometimes coconut bread is stuffed with cheese Or minced meat with vegetables as an integrated meal, or be filled with chocolate and served as a dessert.

Bondibai Saagu

Although pudding is one of the oldest sweets, it is still one of the most famous foods in the Maldives, and the popular pudding desserts in the Maldives consist of coconut milk mixed with tropical fruits and creamy milk, and after people prefer it as a drink And this is done by heating it and adding more coconut milk until its texture decreases, then consuming it hot. The pudding in the Maldives is considered the official dessert in festivals and social occasions, and it is usually presented in family wills.

Cream bun

Cream cakes are among the desserts that are found all over the world, but found popularity in the Maldives more than other countries, and cakes consist of small round bread stuffed with cream of fresh butter, and a pinch of coconut is added to it, we have cream cakes in the Maldives By wanting to add additives to it, such as dried fruits or milk cream, which makes them distinct from other countries.

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