Traditional Food In Malaysia

Malaysian cuisine is distinguished by its influence and influence of several other kitchens such as Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisine, so the dining experience in Malaysia will be unique and comprehensive. In this article, we will talk about the most popular dishes you can taste in Malaysia in addition to the most delicious Malaysian sweets.

Nasi lemak

Enjoy the rich flavor of rice cooked with coconut milk and seasoned with spices like anise ginger and cinnamon. This complementary dish is usually eaten with boiled eggs, gravy, spicy spices, fresh cucumber slices, peanuts and rendang (meat cooked with spices and coconut milk). For most Malaysians, the nasi lemak is the best place to start your day.


This distinctive Malaysian dish consists of chicken or beef in skewers where it is roasted on charcoal. This succulent meat adds to its special flavor, served with peanuts, cubes of rice, and fresh slices of onion and cucumber.

Tih Tarik tea

Literally (extended tea) literally means hot Malaysian tea that is skillfully stirred from one cup to another. Increase its flavor, reduce its heat and mix with condensed milk. Tih Tarik tea is very popular in Malaysia as it can be taken anytime during the day.

Roti canai

This popular dish is a traditional Malaysian breakfast consisting of a light and crispy sweet pancake made from wheat flour. They spread it, knead it, stir it in the air, spread it, and bake it on the tin. It is best to eat it with lentils and chicken curry.

Airbatoo Campor (ABC)

Excellent Malaysian dessert to resist thirst during a hot day. Air Pato Kampur or Ice Kakang is a bowl filled with ice cream and nuts such as peanut, corn, fruit, sweetened with condensed milk and sugar syrup.


This dessert consists of ice cream and coconut milk and sweetened with burnt sugar syrup. The main ingredient of the dish is the Sindol or peels that look like a nerve and made from green bean flour.


A local salad consisting of longitudinal cut vegetables with curry flavored squid and well-fried crab and served with a hot sauce that can be replaced with brojac puah. Salad of fruits mixed in a sauce made from the yeast of shrimp dough.

Chicken rice

Popular dishes saturated with rice served with grilled or fried chicken meat or steamed in addition to ginger paste, hot pepper sauce and soy sauce.


A unique local soup dish made of nervousness with other ingredients including coconut milk, seafood, sprouted beans, cucumbers and spices. There are various recipes for this dish known as Laxa Penang, Laxa Johor and Laxa Sarawak, each with its unique flavor and taste.

Malaysian fruits

There are all kinds of nutritious tropical fruits of different tastes in supermarkets, kiosks and open night markets. Dorian is the king of Malaysian fruit and it consists of soft creamy texture and distinctive scent. Seasonal fruits include rambutan, docu, mangosteen, and seco, as well as papaye, watermelon and grapefruit, which are available all year round. Savory pies are made from grapefruit and bananas.

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