Traditional Food In Libya

Libya is famous for many popular and popular dishes, some of which are mainly served on the dining table, such as bazin, rashdah with its two types, couscous, pasta, bread, rice, crumbs, and fenugreek cooking, and besides that there are some side dishes that are not considered basic foods or meals but are served with basic meals, including kofta and noodles And the undercoating and globalization


Bazin is prepared by boiling barley flour in a small amount of water with continuous stirring until ripe and then it is formed in the form of a pyramid in the pot, and soup (altabekh ) is placed on it, which includes cooking potatoes, beans, or soup of boiled eggs and boiled eggs, and is eaten alongside pepper Green and lemon.


Al-Rashda is one of the famous foods in Libya in the city of Tripoli and its surroundings.

  • The round Al-Rashda

  • Rashda al Kaskas.

The first is presented as a major food for the family, while the second is addressed at events and some joys.

The rosette of rosette consists of white flour (varina) and is prepared by placing some water into the flour to make a medium-moist dough with uninterrupted kneading for a period of not less than 10 minutes, then the dough is cut into small parts and spread out in a rectangular shape and then divided into small slices and placed To cook during boiling.

This cooking may include multiple vegetables, including lentils, chickpeas, and beans, or it includes some vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, cabbage, peas, and others. Grease may be placed on them to give a wonderful taste and be eaten hot and not eaten on occasions.

Rosette of couscous:

As for the rosette of couscous, it is also composed of white wheat flour (varina) and is prepared by putting some water into the flour to prepare the dough, with continuous kneading, then cut into small parts and each piece takes a rectangular shape in the form of a thin layer and then fragmented into very thin pieces.

Then it is cooked with water vapor, then it is emptied of couscous and individually spread well and put until cool.

Libyan pasta

The main types of pasta are of two types:

Macaroni pasta, it is one of the popular dishes in Libya and it is found extensively, and it is eaten at dinner or food and not served on occasions, and the macaroni pasta is prepared by adding pasta to the cooking during boiling and the cooking contains various types of vegetables or without vegetables and the cooking may contain Bacon (Qaraqosh) and eaten hot.

Onion Pasta: It is eaten as food, dinner, or occasions.


Futtat are one of the popular foods in Libya and are found extensively in the southern regions of Libya and some areas of the western mountain, and there has been a difference in the nomenclature and methods of preparation relatively. Popular (altannor ) for cooking food.

And the cooking accompanying the crumbs is prepared from a mixture of some vegetables that are in the area next to some legumes, especially chickpeas, with some types of meat, especially lamb and sometimes with poultry meat.

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