Traditional Food In Lebanon

There is no doubt that Lebanese food is one of the most healthy foods in the world, in terms of how it is cooked and how it is presented to people and contains a lot of healthy contents. With this report we review the most famous foods in Lebanon.

Baba ghanoush

Of the famous food in Lebanon, the name of this food is attributed to a priest who lived in the first century AD in Lebanon and was loved by his pupils and his parish named “Baba Ghannouj”. One day, one of his students prepared a special meal consisting of eggplant and vegetables, but the priest refused to eat it alone and distributed it to individuals, so people named this food as "Baba Ghanouj" and this designation still exists.

Pope Ghannouj is mainly made of eggplant and mixed with tahini, spices and various other restaurants, including garlic. Sometimes, the eggplant is roasted over an open fire before peeling, until it takes a smoky taste.

Bulgur with tomatoes

Among the famous foods in Lebanon, this meal is one of the old meals that exist in Lebanon, especially in the southern Lebanese regions and the Bekaa, where the agricultural communities that have more kitchens and grains.

And this simple dish of cooked bulgur and tomatoes is prepared together, and it can be eaten with green onions or dry land, and some like to eat it with yoghurt.

Green Freekeh with chicken

It is called the Frike and Freekeh in Lebanon or Al-Qarah-Khurman (in northern Iraq). It is a grain of green wheat before it dries or green barley harvesting its spikes while it is green and is placed on fire to roast, then crushed to become like bulgur, and cooked as the bulgur cooks on Water from meat or chicken and add on top large pieces of meat, usually eaten with milk.


Among the famous food in Lebanon, and Almajdarh one of the Arab heritage traditionally known in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq, and consists mainly of lentils, rice and onions.

Stuffed kibbeh

It is one of the famous foods in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq, and it may differ slightly from country to country in terms of form and taste, methods of preparation, and presentation.

Stuffed and fried kebbeh is one of the important foods in the Lebanese and Syrian travels, and with the Ottoman occupation of the countries of the region, the Turks came with them with a recipe for yogurt, and the Lebanese and Shami cooked milk for their food.

The kibbeh is made from raw, washed and filtered bulgur, raw ground ground meat and mixed well to be like dough, then pelleted and stuffed with minced lamb, fried and mixed with nuts (pine nuts or almonds) and then fried


Small pieces covered with sesame. Prepare flour, sugar, oil, baking powder, sesame, saffron and anise.

Milk cakes

Round discs or strips. Prepare from milk, flour, sugar, yeast, baking powder, rose water, blossom water, milking, oil and add lukewarm water as needed

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