Traditional Food In Kuwait

Kuwaiti cuisine is famous for many popular foods and sweets, and rice is a major factor in most of the main dishes of Kuwaiti cuisine, while sweets are the majority of desserts produced from flour and plant materials such as saffron, nuts, dates, etc., and many Kuwaiti sweets are extracted from pastries.


It is a popular food in Kuwait, and is often considered the national dish of the country. It is a delicious traditional Kuwaiti rice-based dish that is prepared using aromatic basmati rice with a band and a few spices, lamb or chicken.

Where basmati rice is cooked with rose water and saffron, and the meat is cooked separately, after that the cooked rice is placed with the cooked meat, served with a delicious red sauce called flour, which is prepared using garlic, tomatoes and black pepper.

Fish with rice

It is a delicacy where fish are served on delicious rice, cooked in well-seasoned fish stocks

You can be found in many different forms of this dish in various regions of the Gulf.

In Kuwait the dish is served with a zabidi (i.e. bumfret) fish, known as the national fish in Kuwait.


The other famous dishes in Kuwait that you should definitely try are kozy, also called “goose” or “nutty”, from delicious food chain on rice, which is prepared by stuffing the whole lamb with vegetables, nuts, rice and spices and slowly cooked on a closed oven.

And in a number of regions of the Middle East, Cosi is prepared by burial in a pit containing burning coal to season it with a smoke flavor, and traditionally, this dish is presented in adult ceremonies such as a wedding.


It is a traditional well-cooked soup of vegetables and lamb with pasta tablets of whole wheat, and usually includes on eggplant, squash and meat cooked with a thin separation of wheat dough, and is traditionally served by pouring thin or baked flat bread / cooked with crushed dough.


Girish is a traditional food for Kuwait that you cannot miss, which makes it one of the most popular food Kuwait is known for.

It is spread like grilled Kuwaiti wheat soup, which is prepared from mashed wheat grains and cooked with meat or chicken, onions, tomatoes and spices, and cinnamon juices and raisins. This taste provides you with a sweet, earthy flavor, which develops due to the presence of sweet raisins, and geresh is popular in Kuwait and is made Cook it at home during special occasions such as fasting.

There, they eat al-Bathith and Al-Khabees, which are popular dishes that are often served during Ramadan and are made from flour, dates, and ghee.

One of the sweets of the month of Ramadan in the past in Kuwait is sago, which is similar to mohalabiyya and is called maghoutia. In its composition, coconut powder is substituted for starch, and it has been called maghoutia because its liquid and rubber.

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