Traditional Food In Jordan

It can be said that Jordanian cuisine is the kitchen of surprising talents, when you put the great quality spices, fresh contents and rich food culture, it offers you delicious delicious food that you can not resist.

This dish can be eaten alone, but preferably served as an additional or basic dish with many other foods.


A delicious breakfast or dinner sandwich, which does not take long to prepare, which is falafel, chickpeas, and vegetables wrapped in a loaf of bread that takes a light, circular, frothy shape, no one can resist eating it and its distinctive taste, and in Jordan there are many sites that sell falafel and serve often One or two free to eat before buying, and it is advised that when going to buy falafel, soft, crunchy, not dry and crunchy falafels should be bought.


Shawarma is made from lamb, chicken or beef that is eaten as a sandwich or in a round bread.

There is a wonderful taste of shawarma with some beautiful potatoes, fresh local spices, and tahini، It gives a feeling of satiety for a longer period


Mansaf is one of the most popular in Jordan. This traditional Bedouin meal is taken on special occasions.

This meal is prepared by preparing lamb meat with herbs in Jameed (dried yogurt) and is eaten with rice and pine, and there is a similar almansaf food called the zerb, which is also a Bedouin food consisting of sheep meat cooked in a earthen pottery under the ground

Al - Arshof

It is one of the popular and well-known foods in Jordan. It consists of lentils, cereal, lentils, buttermilk, chickpeas, municipal obesity, onions, spices of municipal obesity and salt.


It is a food that is distinguished in northern Jordan, especially in Irbid. It is one of the famous foods in Jordan, and it is usually considered in social events.

Residents want to prepare it in the winter or the harsh weather, and the meal starts with the olive period in the month of October until the beginning of summer, when it takes a huge amount of olive oil.


Konafa is one of the delicious types of beautiful pastries to which cheese and syrups are placed with some crunchy supplements, and there are three varieties and good varieties of this wonderful beautiful dish.


Harissa is a sticky and heavy mixture of different contents. Although mushery is a delicious and very sugary food, its taste is irresistible because the sweet flavor comes from honey and not from sugar.

The semolina is made in honey, butter, yogurt and almond, which makes it a sweet and delicious taste that cannot be ignored

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