Traditional Food In Japan

Japanese food is one of the factors that tell the history and civilization of this wonderful country. The traditional Japanese food is characterized by being fresh and full of spices in addition to its wonderful shape and flavor that transports your senses to another world


Sushi is one of the most famous traditional Japanese food, which is famous throughout the world. Sushi is raw fish with rice spiced with a little vinegar. Sushi has many flavors and different texture. Uni is one of the types of sushi, which is a sea urchin and crispy eggs of fish characterized by creamy texture and refreshing flavor. Amapi is another type of sushi made from shrimp, with a meaty texture full of juices. Although it seems like fine dining for many, it is a street food in Japan wherever you go you find food stalls to serve.


Ramen is one of the most popular Japanese dishes, which is egg noodles placed in a salty soup. It is also an important meal for the Japanese to eat at night. This dish is prepared in four ways: meat bone, soy sauce, miso and finally salt. Hokkaido is famous for preparing this dish for miso.


Hankalis is a traditional seafood dish made with charcoal eel and added to it the sweet barbecue sauce. This dish is an antidote to the Japanese people in the suffocating summer, with extreme humidity and heat. This dish is available in many famous and ancient Japanese restaurants between May and October


The Japanese brought this dish from Portugal. This dish is made from a mixture of seafood and vegetables fried in sesame oil, and served with a small bowl of salt or soy sauce in addition to a dip of broth topped with radish slices.


The kaiseki dish dates back centuries and was eaten by Japanese at tea parties in Kyoto. There is no specific recipe for preparing this dish, as it is an appetizer prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, so the way to prepare it varies from season to season.


Soba is a long, thin noodle made from buckwheat, and this dish is a staple food in the Japanese mountains where it was easy to prepare noodles from buckwheat for lack of rice. Serve with hot soy sauce broth or bamboo paper at room temperature in addition to the broth as a side dish.

Shabu shabu

Shabu Shabu are sticks of delicious beef with hot gravy added and served in charming ceramic vessels as a main course for dinner.


Okonomiyaki is one of the most famous and delicious traditional Japanese dishes. Okonomiyaki is a pie, topped with cabbage and meat, garnished with fish chips and mayonnaise, dry seaweed in addition to a wister sauce, after which the pie is grilled, served as a main course.


This dish dates back to the nineteenth century. The method of preparing tonkatsu is influenced by the European West, which is meat marinated in the Western Japanese way, cooked until it becomes tender and full of juices, and served with miso soup and shredded cabbage

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