Traditional food in Italy

Culinary enthusiasts know very well that nothing exceeds Italian food, and there is no food more famous than it around the world, and therefore most Italians do not pay much attention or fascinate with other foods in international kitchens, preferring to eat their traditional foods with their traditional recipes, and Italian cuisine is linked to the heritage, culture, customs and traditions of the country, Most of their foods are based on red clouds, and in general Italian food is divided into: appetizers, main course, additional course, and desserts, and here we review a group of the most famous Italian foods that you should try when visiting Rome.


Pasta, an Italian word for dough that looks more like macaroni, and pasta is divided into several types according to the ingredients,manufactured only in wheat flour and water, wheat flour, water and eggs, and according to the shelf life of dry, fresh, and according to the method of chopping pasta and its final form and its ability to absorb chickpeas or other sauce in addition to other sauce, in many ways, pasta can be prepared in certain ways and different types of sauce can be added to it.


Pizza is one of the pastries that are cooked in ovens. It is the most famous of the Italian food, and it is close to decorated bread,The main ingredients are tomato sauce, cheese and olive oil, in addition to other additional ingredients according to taste, and there are two main types of pizza, Neapolitan pizza, with a pizza with a thick, thick, pasta-like, semi-thick pasta. There is another division of Italian pizza which is divided according to the sauce used on the pizza, there is the red sauce pizza which is used in making tomato, and there is the pizza The white tomato that is not used in making it. In this case, the pizza is known as the “Focaccia” pizza,Main in Italian cuisine (parmesan cheese) or pecorino cheese (black olives, and perhaps pine nuts also.


Risotto is one of the most famous Italian foods, which is usually served as an appetizer and sometimes a main dish, and it depends on its manufacture on rice cooked in the broth and to which it contains other additional ingredients for the ornament, often with a larder in a barzem, with a lacquerum, a barzem, with a larder, a barzaman, and a larder (with a lemon). Onions, in other famous recipes for risotto, Use a variety of truffles (especially black truffles), oysters or saffron for decoration.

Zuppa di Pesce: Italian fish soup

This dish is a thick soup with a thick texture that promises to use fresh ingredients available locally. Therefore, the method of preparing them varies from place to place, but the following components are usually used in preparing them: squid, shrimp, olive oil, sesame, and sesame,Fish, basil, parsley, olive oil, tomato sauce, served with Italian bread.


It is one of the most famous types of Italian sweets and is a sponge cake made from sugar and cheese, cocoa, saturated with coffee and served cold, is a sweet treat that gives you a lot of activity and energy because of everything it contains,of caffeine and sugars

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