Traditional Food In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with lots of colorful food all over the world, full of intense flavor

And varied, as there is a lot of regional cuisine and often depends on the culture of indigenous people and external influences.

It contains about 5,350 traditional recipes, with 30 of them being the most important and highly dependent on fruits , And vegetables, fish and meat, and includes rice and pasta dishes and soups in local restaurants and snacks sold on the road and others


One of the traditional Indonesian food consists of a mixture of beans, onions and eggs with special peanut sauce and it is one of the most famous dishes in Indonesia and when you go to Indonesia do not forget to taste it.

Soto Mie

It is considered one of the most popular in Indonesia, and it is made either of chicken or meat Cow, with noodles, is found in the best restaurants in Indonesia, where it is very popular, and its a delicious dish.


It consists of soup, with the addition of a type of meat, and dark walnuts like spices, which give it a very delicious taste, usually served with rice, and it is one of the most wonderful dishes that you can only find in the Indonesian islands.

Nasi Kuning

And the famous Indonesian breakfast breakfast, which is one of the most famous dishes in the Indonesian local culture, and spread in all the popular restaurants in Indonesia, as it consists of fried rice, eggs, chicken, dried and salted fish, goat meat and other types of hot peppers and vegetables, and is considered the most common and preferred for tourists and locals in Indonesia

Sate aya

One of the dishes that attract visitors to it smells good, which is skewers of meat grilled on charcoal, usually served with rice or pistachio sauce or curry rice or indian rice and is a strong competitor.

Fried bananas

A delicious dessert of ripe bananas wrapped with flour and then fried with a lot of oil


There are two types of martapak in Indonesia, martabak telor which is a pancake stuffed with minced beef, green onions and regular onions, and the other type martabak manis is a thick and creamy pancake, which is one of the most famous, Indonesian snacks, It is a dessert with a lot of ingredients on the face like chocolate, Nuts and bananas and these days it is famous for filling with nutella.

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