Traditional food in India

Traditional Indian food is mostly a mixture of spices and flavors, the culinary style in India varies from place to place and the features of India are diverse as they blend different cultures, customs and traditions alongside a different lifestyle. Indian cuisine is the most distinctive feature of this country and enjoys wide popularity all over the world because of its diversity and delicious flavor that can be easily distinguished; here are some traditional Indian dishes that you need to try when you visit India.


Biryani is one of the most important and famous traditional Indian dishes, This dish has a delicious flavor that stimulates your taste because of the spices that give it a distinctive and rich taste, biryani consists of rice, lean meat, and vegetables and served with curd, giving it additional flavor and distinctive taste.

Chol Bator

Chol Bator , another traditional Indian dish is crunchy fried bread called Bator and spicy beef sauce with bean sauce, Serve with lemon and butter to give it a rich taste and sometimes pickles and onions. North Indian dish is considered one of the most delicious traditional Indian dishes that can be eaten.


Nan is an integral part of the traditional Indian cuisine. It is a semi-flat bread made from wheat flour mixed with milk and cooked in the oven. Butter may be added to it to give it a smooth texture and additional flavor. The meat sauce is the best served with nan bread.

Butter chicken masala

It is chicken cooked in butter, and fenugreek leaves are added to it giving it a special flavor and flavor alongside a mixture of hot pepper powder, which gives the dish an ideal texture and flavor. Serve chicken butter masala dish with delicious nan bread or rice.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori is a cylindrical clay oven that was invented for the first time in Punjab, There is more than one recipe and more than one special tandoori dish, the most important of which is the tandoori chicken, which is an original traditional dish made from grilled chicken in the oven and carefully marinated with a group of spices such as red pepper powder, yogurt and hot pepper.


Traditional Indian sweet rabre is milk and sugar that are boiled until the volume of milk decreases to one third, then saffron is added to them to give them a special flavor and delicious color, as it is decorated with almonds.

Lodo candy

They are round candy balls that are very popular in India, where they are in great demand and are characterized by their delicious taste,It is usually prepared and formed by hand and many nuts are added to it, in addition to sugar and water and fried in oil.

Ras Malai

This delicious dish consists of white cream, milk, sugar and eggs and has a wonderful taste, you can enjoy it in different parts of India, These sweets originated in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, and added to them pistachios, nuts, almonds and blossom water.

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