Traditional Food In Germany

The most important characteristic of German food is meat. The traditional German cuisine is full of different dishes and all its recipes are made of meat. The Germans are the first to invent sausages that are very popular in various parts of the world. Each region in Germany is known for its dish, and the city of Hamp is known for its delicious fish dishes. The country is famous for its varied dishes of meat, and traditional German food is another pleasure when traveling and visiting different regions of Germany.


If you are a pasta fan or follow a non-meat diet then this dish is definitely the best option. Spatsley is one of the most famous dishes of traditional German cuisine,Spatsley pasta is made from alopecia ingredients that include flour, eggs, salt and a little sparkling water to give the pasta a light and puffy texture and two types of cheese; a mountain cheese to give the dish a special and distinctive taste and a burger to give it a good consistency.


Currywurst is another type of sausage made first in Berlin by Herta Heuer in 1949, made from meat and cut into a small charge and then wrapped with ketchup and curry powder. Currywurst is usually served with French fries and white bread.


The Swirbraten dish is considered one of the most important traditional dishes in Germany, and those who prepare it need an old recipe from the elderly to prepare it in the right way. Squeeze until the meat becomes smooth, tender and juicy


In the past, German monks were not allowed to eat meat during their fasting period, so they made the frequency of welding with a kind of pasta so that no one knew how to eat meat, but this dish has become one of the most important traditional foods that you can eat in Germany, and types of Various of meat to make this dish may be fried or boiled .


This dish is not considered German origin but brought by the Germans in the past and changed the recipe to suit their taste, and the medicine is from beef that is cooked in grape juice until it becomes tender and full of flavor. The Germans eat this dish as a kind of soup or a type of meat beside the french fries.


Germans love to eat this delicious dessert at different times, as it is very popular and loves to taste it adults and children, expressing pies stuffed with fruit and topped with butter, sugar, vanilla and sometimes chocolate.

Black Forest cake

It is a very popular German cake, prepared using chocolate, cherry, whipped cream and various fruits.


If you love honey and almonds, there are four distinct layers in this dessert, as it consists of vanilla, crunchy almonds, honey and caramel, and is prepared using milk, yeast, butter, water and other distinctive ingredients that give it its distinctive and funky taste.

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