Traditional Food In Egypt

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

The different types of food around the world are related to the civilizational and cultural nature of each country, as the components of the famous dishes differ in each country in relation to geographical and climatic regions, and most of the famous foods in Egypt are associated with festivals or special occasions, where the Egyptians make different varieties of special taste as one of the aspects of celebrations, and vary The components of the Egyptian dishes between wheat flour, rice and other carbohydrates and grains, as well as to meat and fish, as these dishes are creamy, as follows are the most famous Egyptian dishes that must be tried when visiting Egypt.


Koshari is considered one of the most famous dishes in Egypt, but rather one of the national dishes that enjoy a wide spread in Egypt and great popularity around the world, as well as its simple cost that makes it one of the main dishes of the different social classes in Egypt, and the ingredients of the dish on pasta, rice, lentils, sauce, crunchy onions and garlic And, the history of this dish dates back to more than 100 years, where the idea appeared during the British occupation of Egypt, and this dish with its diversity of ingredients and the taste of the flavor and the different.

Beans and Falafel

Beans are considered the first popular food in Egypt, as when you visit Egypt you will find bean and falafel restaurants everywhere you go either in the popular areas or the new urban areas, to represent the official breakfast in Egypt, and the breakfast trip consists of beans with butter or distinctive hot oil (which is Flaxseed oil) with tahini or sausage, as well as falafel or tamiya in the Egyptian accent, which consists of the main is beans also with some appetizers, such as pickled carrots, eggplant, and green salad, and tourists prefer eating beans from wagons in the streets due to preparing the dish with a distinct and different taste.


Fattah is considered one of the famous Egyptian dishes for festivals and celebrations. It is a Nubian dish, characterized by its fatness, as it consists of two layers of rice and bread with soup, vinegar and garlic, and the dish is decorated with pieces of meat.


Molokhia, as the Fatimids called it a popular cuisine in Egypt, dates back to the Pharaonic era, where the plant molokhia grew on the banks of the Nile, and the Fatimids called it molokhia and it was considered the eaters of kings at that time, and the recipes for this delicious meal varied in different cities and governorates in Egypt, where some cook it with rabbits and it is the most famous recipe ever, and some prepare it with chicken or meat, while others cook it with shrimp gravy and fish


Fesikh is considered one of the most famous foods in Egypt that are closely related to Egyptian celebrations of spring and festivals, and the origin of this dish is due to the Pharaonic era, and this dish consists of salted and dried mullet fish in the sun, then placed inside packages of thick glass and closed tightly for the purpose of storage, and linked With some smoked and other salted fish, such as sardines, it is served with vinegar, tahini, onions and lemons, and it is preferred to eat it with caution because it may lead to some poisoning cases, however it is one of the favorite foods of the Egyptians, especially on holidays.

Umm Ali

"Umm Ali" is one of the most famous Egyptian sweets varieties, whose name is associated with this name with the story of the killing of Princess Shajar Al-Durr. This category of sweets consists of chips of dry cooked dough with cooking in a casserole with milk, nuts and sugar, put them in the oven and eat them as soon as they leave From it, its distinctive taste is given a kind of happiness and energy.

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