Traditional food in Cyprus

The Cypriot cuisine is considered a Mediterranean cuisine, and it is similar in some distinct characteristics to the cuisine of Italy, the Balkan countries, Turkey and the Levant. The Cypriot kitchen uses many vegetables, oils, oils, grains, fish, and white and red meat such as lamb, poultry, rabbit, etc. There are important contents It includes olives, cheese, eggplant, zucchini, herbs, bread and yogurt, and the most common grains are barley .


It is a dish of the famous Greek fast food dish. The Cypriot soufflaki dish consists of small portions of charcoal grilled meat on a skewer, a huge amount of fresh salad filling, and the bread that is used is thinner and larger than the Greek version, and they wrap it to fill it with the filling in the normal way .


Sheftalia is a traditional type of Cypriot food and is a piece of sausage, the filling usually consists of parsley, onion, salt, pepper, and pork or lamb, then this delicious mixture is wrapped in cold fats to prepare small sausages, and is placed on charcoal for about half an hour until cooked .


(Stuffed Grape Leaves), this Cypriot food of Dolma uses minced meat, rice, onions, tomatoes and a mixture of herbs, and this filling is wrapped accurately in fresh grape leaves, and this dish is often found in most parts of Greece, Turkey and the Middle East, and is usually done Copobia is prepared and prepared in huge batches and can be frozen for use at another time.

Macaroni Oven

The Cypriot version in Greece is distinguished by the name “Bastisio”, which is a favorite and original dish that is particularly popular during Easter celebrations on the island.

Halloumi (Helim)

The most famous and popular cuisine in Cyprus, where the popularity of Halloumi reaches during the current period to many countries in most parts of Europe and the Middle East, and it has a distinctive taste among vegetarians and non-vegetarians in most parts of the world known for its mild salty flavor and rubbery texture, as cheese is formed by Mixture of a mixture of goat's milk and sheep. Cold halloumi can also be eaten with fresh watermelon slices, as they are often eaten as a delicacy or a dessert in Cyprus.


This dish is considered a simple and healthy Cypriot dish, and it is found in every Cypriot kitchen, and it consists mainly of black beans, which are cowpea, and oil, salt and lemon are added to this vegetable, and it does not have a large fat percentage, but the percentage of carbohydrates and protein is high, and tuna and cucumber are eaten Fresh and delicious tomatoes are usually beside the beans .

Yiaourti me meli

It is a nut dessert with honey and yogurt. A delicious recipe consisting of simple things such as Greek yogurt sprinkled with nuts, and ground cinnamon.

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