Traditional food in Canada

Canada is famous for its creativity in the world of cooking, as it provided the cooking world with many foods such as different soups and rich sweets. And despite that, you did not get the big popularity you deserve among the kitchens of the world, so we collected a group of Canadian food to introduce you to Canadian cuisine. Here are the most famous Canadian foods ..


This is one of the most delicious Canadian dishes in the French part, and it is a strange and famous food at the same time in Canada, and the Canadians disagreed about the small cities in the province of Quebec that claimed the innovation of this food, as it appeared for the first time in the fifties, and this food is formed Of spicy meat sauce, cheese and french fries.

Canadian bacon

This type of meat is different from other types of bacon as it is prepared from soft tenderloin instead of belly meat, and it is soaked and covered with corn flour, and at the beginning of this century Canada began exporting bacon to England that had a shortage of this product, where it was The meat is wrapped in yellow peas for preservation for years, and then they use cornmeal instead of peas.

Canadian pizza

It is known that the pizza was originally an Italian dish, but it moved to Canada and was presented with many Canadian additions and touches, and the pizza differs in Canada starting from the dough, as it is less in thickness than the Italian pizza dough, as well as the pizza differs in the components that are placed on its surface Since Canadian pizza is added to coriander, peanut sauce and red pepper, with the addition of cheddar cheese and mozzarella.

pea soup

Pea soup is one of the most popular dishes, which is one of the French dishes that moved to Canada through one of the French chefs who immigrated to Canada and stayed there, and this dish consists of bacon, with dried peas, and many other vegetables, where it is done Mix the ingredients with each other and add bacon pieces to it, it is one of the dishes that have been served for centuries in Canada and is still very popular among the population and many visitors accept it. This dish is served alongside the main dishes, and it can also be eaten as a snack with bread.

Butter pies

These sweet and delicious pastries have appeared in Canada a long time ago, and their origin is said to have started at the beginning of this century. These pancakes are made with crispy crunchy crust and a creamy filling made of butter and sugar


The Pefertels dish is one of the most prominent dessert dishes that are very popular and remembered when talking about what Canada is famous for eating, since it is originally the famous donut candy, but it differs in its form from the traditional circular form recognized, but it is said that this is the original way of donuts where It has been serving in Canada since 1978.

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