Traditional Food In Cambodia

Cambodia's famous cuisine has been highly influenced by two countries, Vietnam, and Thailand that have two types of food, Lanna food (North Thailand), and Isaan food (Northeast Thailand).

Cambodian cuisine has many regional differences, compared to fresh local food for each region, noting the continued presence of the French heritage in the capital, Vientiane, where French bread is sold on the streets.

The main dish in Laos is sticky rice, which is eaten by hand, and in fact the Lao people eat sticky rice more than any other people in the world.

Klao niaw

The first thing that is recognized in Laos is this dish (sticky rice) as it is called colloidal rice, it is the traditional dish and the basis of all meals, small balls of sticky rice are formed by hand, and dipped in food and sauce like geo jeow which is a hot dough without oil, made from Roasted eggplant or tomato.


Meat Salad, Laos Most Popular Dish, Plump, Fast Prepared, And Healthy, It is minced meat as a salad of chicken, cow, duck or fish, with lemon juice, crushed garlic, roasted rice and herbs, served at room temperature.

sai oua

Known as Laos Hot Dog, it is eaten as an appetizer or snack, consisting of meat with herbs such as lemon grass, lemon leaves, leeks, coriander, etc., and flavored with fish sauce, which is delicious with sticky rice and fresh vegetables.

Oh lam

Delicious soup consisting of vegetables and grains, such as eggplant, zucchini, black fungus, with lemongrass, hot pepper, and coriander, and finally thickened with sticky rice.


Traditional Lao grills include a round, metal plate, where the grill is all rubbed with a lump of fat before starting to grill meat (chicken, etc.).

Pakxong coffee

The most popular drink is Laotian coffee, and it is often called Pakxong coffee

These coffee beans are grown on the Bolovens Plateau, the best Asian region to grow coffee.

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