Traditional Food In Bulgaria

The Bulgarian cuisine is not as famous as the rest of the international kitchens, but it is not very different from them, the most famous thing in Bulgaria is “yogurt and white cheese”, and we can say that they are an essential part of the Bulgarian trip, and they serve them in very different forms, this is a group of the most famous cuisine Bulgarian folk and components.


They are dough chips arranged on top of one another or wrapped in a round shape and the filling is often white cheese or sometimes it is vegetables, meat or fruit.

Chopska Salata

It is a salad made of sliced ​​tomatoes, grilled pepper cucumber, onion, parsley, white cheese and olive oil.


It is soft dough, water, cucumber, garlic, salt, dill, pickled cucumber and nuts.


It is made from grape leaves stuffed with lamb.

Stuffed pepper

It is a pepper stuffed with rice, minced meat or vegetables


It is a known food in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey and it resembles the well-known Arab dish (miskqa) and is prepared from minced meat, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and spices.


It is a traditional Balkan food prepared from wheat semolina, sorghum flour, which is boiled in water over low heat for 40 minutes, with continuous stirring until a coherent texture is added, after which it is added to butter and left to cool.


It is a stew cooked in the century and the word is of Turkish origin and means (cooked) and contains meat, onions, wild thyme, pepper, black pepper and salt.


Prepared from cut potatoes, onions, mint salt and cooked over low heat, then filtered from water and mixed with eggs, onions and white cheese until it gets dough divided into two parts, the first part is spread in a tray and then add the mixture of onions and mint salt and cover with the other part of the dough and put In the oven


It is a pie prepared from a prepared dough and cut into small balls and fried with oil, then add to it soft sugar, jam or cheese.

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