Traditional food in Brazil

Brazilian cuisine is many and varied and influenced by European, American, Indian and African cuisine, which varies greatly from one region to another, reflecting the mixture of the country and the indigenous population and also immigrants, and this is a national cuisine characterized by preserving different regions, but with the arrival of immigrants to Brazil they brought with them Of some of their traditional dishes where they replaced the lost ingredients with other ingredients from the local Portuguese environment, including Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland, in addition to Switzerland as well, who are used to the diet also dependent on wheat Those who replaced it with vegetables with leaves and most dairy products in Brazilian cuisine.


It is a very delicious dish and more than just a fish soup and it consists of its simpler version of fish and other boiled seafood with tomato slices, coriander and onions. Both Baianos and Capixabas are served in this dish and they both serve with a different taste. To the plate, Capixabas add natural red food (Anatu seeds). Whereas, Baianos provides a version with palm oil, capsicum, and coconut milk, and may be suitable for serving with rice, farova, and others.


And Viguada is one of the few dishes that are eaten all over the city of Brazil, and it is a delicious soup of beans and sausages and pieces of meat in different typs , and also it may take 24 hours to cook the old version between soaking the beans and put spices on the meat, and it may be served with turnip, rice, orange slices and farova.


It is a traditional Brazilian sandwich with roast beef, in addition to mozzarella, tomato and some pickled cucumber, which is served in French bread.


The most famous food in Brazil is that this dish may originate in the Middle East and is a pie and cake stuffed with beef or lamb, curd cheese or seasonal vegetables.


It is a salad made of chicken, raisins, carrots, olives, apples and mayonnaise, and on top of it are potatoes.


It is a delicious bright yellow dessert made of eggs, sugar and also coconut, butter can be added and may be baked in small cupcake-sized molds where it must be roasted underneath to brown, and grated coconut is placed on it.


It consists of tofu and chocolate made with condensed milk instead of cream and is covered with small sprinkles of chocolate .

Bolinho de chuva

One of the famous foods in Brazil, which are small balls of fried dough and may be sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, which are layers of cookies stuffed with chocolate or fruit, lemon, coconut and other fillings.

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