Traditional Food In Belgium

Belgium Food in Belgium may play a huge and great role in Belgian culture, as Belgium has the largest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Belgium, and it is also known that the best of great Belgian foods may be saturated and cooked at home and may also be sold as snacks from sellers on a street.

Carbonadeflamandeor stooflees

Carbonadeflamandeor stooflees is a sweet and sour gravy, it contains steak cooked in gravy and there are a number of different different types in that dish Families may save their own recipes from one generation to another and these recipes most of them may be beef, bread, salt and onions, in addition to pepper and herbs such as thyme or laurel leaves and spices, as well as adding a number of other ingredients such as carrots, bacon, mushroom, grape juice and leeks, Also dark chocolate, and the meat may be cooked in this mixture slowly and put together for a long time to ensure the delicious flavor and soft meat, and may also be served with french fries, boiled potatoes, noodles, leafy vegetables or salads.

Sole meunière

Sole meuniere is a classic Belgian fish dish, and also the word meunière, and it translates that cooking in the way of Milliore's wife, which also may include putting fish in the spiced flour and then frying in a frying pan with a little butter, and lemon and some parsley may be added that is minced to make the sauce Rich brown butter, served with fried, mashed or boiled potatoes.

Filet Americain

It is one of the famous dishes in Belgium and this dish may not resemble steak served in America, it consists of uncooked beef, it may be minced and spiced and may be served as cold as the French steak tartare, and all types of spices may be added to the meat to give it flavor like onions and pickles Sauce, Westershire, egg yolk, ketchup, mustard, parsley, salt, cucumber, pepper and oil, and this dish can also be eaten in two different ways as some eat it on a slice of bread or toast as well, and it may be called Toast kannibaal or also eat as a main meal with french fries and pickled ., And may be Filet Americain order as main meal at most restaurants.

Moules frites

About 30 million tons of this dish is consumed annually in Belgium at an average of 3 kg per person, and it is mostly especially in the period between September and February. One of the most famous ways to make this dish is to cook oysters in juice, parsley, butter and leeks and called La marirnere, Sometimes cream may be added or using vegetable broth, and the Belgians eat this dish using empty oyster shells to extract mussels from the shell, and sometimes french fries are served with mayonnaise, tartar sauce or also spicy mayonnaise.

La Dame Blanche

Despite its simplicity, it tastes delicious, and this dessert consists of vanilla ice cream topped with a layer of melted chocolate sauce, fresh whipped cream and cherries, and it resembles Sundae ice cream with hot fudge sauce, and is served in most restaurants in Belgium.

Belgian waffle gauffres

It is one of the strongest on the world stage, but in Belgium there are two different types: Brussels waffle and Liege city waffle, and the waffle is made in Brussels in a rectangular shape and a dark golden color from the ends, and the waffle is sprinkled with crushed sugar and covered with sugar syrup, fruit pieces, chocolate and fat cream, whipped As for the waffle from Liege city, it will be more dense and square shape, and it will be covered with burnt sugar.

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