Traditional food in Austria

The streets of Austria are known for providing many delicious dishes and also their restaurants that provide good services. Austrian cuisine is affected by many dishes from neighboring countries or from immigrants, and most of them are affected by the French, so you find many French food is the same Austrian food, but a slight change in the components that were replaced by materials And local ingredients in Austria, or only by name change.

Wiener Schnitzel

It is considered one of the most famous dishes in Austria, Wiener (literally, meaning Vienna) and some see that the initial method was brought from Italy, while others see that it was updated through a number of Austrian dishes that were baked and fried, where the first recipe for this dish was mentioned In the local cookbook of 1719, the "original" Wiener Schnitzel slice of veal is of great quality and sometimes poultry and served with marinated potatoes with parsley or potatoes and cucumber salad, which is an enjoyable and simple to eat.


Täfelspitz is the Austrian national dish and one of the most popular dishes in Austria for its main health contents. This dish consists of a piece of boiled beef in vegetable broth, aromatic spices and a lot of water to settle in. It is served with fresh radishes, vegetables and roast potatoes, and the important contents that make up it The Täfelspitz dish is the same content that is used in preparing French beef soup "broth of meat and vegetables" or the Italian dish of boiled meat "Poleto Mesto", with small differences, and according to an official cookbook in 1912, Täfelspitz was the favorite dish of the Impera War Franz Joseph I.


It is the main ingredient in many countries of Central Europe, and there are many ways for this dish and it consists of potatoes, bread, semolina and meat, and there is another type consisting of wheat bread, butter, garlic, spinach.


It is a classic dish in the imperial period but currently it can be eaten what is called Wiener Saftgulasch, which is similar to soup with pieces; large beef, vegetables, and sweet pepper) in Austria, it is eaten with dark bread or Semmelknödel (bread pies).


Traditional dessert made from potato dough and poppy seeds, and is similar to melted butter ice cream and sugar sprinkle.

Kaiser Shrimin

One of the most popular and popular Austrian desserts is not only in Austria, and it is highly preferred by citizens. It is a segmented pie known as the Kaiser Shrimin .

Plata Chenkin

They are pancakes or what the French call crepe, and can be prepared in different recipes, whether with jam and maple juice, or filled with fillings that are picked whether sweet or salty, or fragmented.

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