Traditional Food In Armenia

Armenian cuisine includes the foods and cooking techniques of the Armenian people and the traditional Armenian food and dishes. The kitchen reflects the history and geography of the Armenians as well as exposure to external influences from European and oriental cuisine. This food also reflects the traditional crops and animals grown in Armenia, and the flavor of the food depends on the quality and freshness of the ingredients to make up the excessive use of spices.

Fresh herbs are widely used, dried herbs are used in the winter, when fresh herbs are not available, and the typical meal in the Armenian family can consist of bread, butter, curd milk, cheese, chopped fresh vegetables and radishes, lunch may include vegetable soup or meatballs with milk Curd.


Made with chickpeas, lentils, beans, and eggplant, they play a role in Armenian cuisine, often served with traditional Lavash bread. Lavash can also be used as tortilla rolls for different combinations of fried meat, vegetables, cheese, and herbs.

Cold cucumber soup

It is a fatty lamb soup that may include various fruits and vegetables such as quince and apples. The entire Armenian cuisine is complete with pastry pies stuffed with the name boereg, different types of sausages, roasted pumpkin seeds, pistachios, pine noodles, pasta, and dolma.


Cinnamon is a type of spice commonly used in Armenian cuisine, and it is sprinkled on soups, bread, sweets and sometimes fish. Salads are served with lemon and cinnamon sauce side by side, and ginger is classified as an important spice in Armenian cuisine.


Cereals are used for a variety of purposes: traditional bread is made from wheat flour, and cereals are also added to soups to give them more dense stability. Lavash is baked in a traditional clay oven of clay. Bread is a very important staple of Armenian cuisine.


It is a type of smoked Armenian cheese, and Tan is the traditional Armenian name for it, and dairy milk is an important part of the Armenian diet, especially in the cold winter months, where the only vegetables available in the past were dried or pickled.


And it is considered a kind of yogurt, and it is a refreshing drink made of milk, water and salt. , Or mixed with broth in soup or stew, and shaped into balls that are dried in the sun.


It is made from kneading bulgur with yogurt and sometimes dried mint, dried in the sun, then broken into pieces and stored in cloth bags, which is their traditional method. The product can be used in the winter to make soups or stews.


It is the daily Armenian dish, and it consists of meat or legumes, vegetables and spices, and is usually served with rice or bulgur, and pickles and bread.


It is a salted meat that is dried, then rubbed with the dough for it, which consists of a group of spices, which is a common food in Armenia.

Fruits and other sweets

The main ingredients in Armenian sweets are honey, fruits, nuts, milk, sesame, and both dried and fresh fruits are used.


A common dish from Armenian cuisine, it is a rice or bulgur dish, and is usually served with meat such as lamb or beef, which is used for making dried vegetables and fruits.

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