Traditional food in Argentina

Famous food in Argentina Argentine cuisine is described as a cultural mixture of the ancient indigenous people, as there are Mediterranean influences such as Spanish and Italian with the expansion of agricultural products available throughout the country, and the waves of great migration that reached Argentina greatly and tremendously affected Argentine cuisine, which is the second country in the world in The number of immigrants to it is 6.6 million and also after the United States of America with 27 million, of course along with other countries such as Brazil, Canada, Australia and others, and the most famous dish is an Argentinian grill dish that is linked to the national identity, and you With all of this has led the country's vast and diverse culture Local cuisine to a variety of dishes.


They are pieces of small pancakes that are filled with all fillings, and also the meat and cheese are the most well-known , but also the size of these pies is very small in the country of Argentina from other countries, and during the weeks prior to Christmas, these pies were stuffed with tuna, fish and many other fillings .


Creamy food at lunch time and also like meals that are quick and easy to prepare, also made from thin light meat with bread crumbs similar to the well-known German schnitzel and also it is often served as milanesas as a sandwich.


It is a large amount of fried cheese slices that are melted and also round shape and served with a little spice like oregano and slices of hot pepper, as well as an olive oil in addition to a spoon full of green chimichurri made also from chopped parsley, oregano, onions and garlic , And a small touch of vinegar or lemon juice, it tastes delicious and is also used with grills and other dishes throughout the country.


Of the famous food in Argentina, the carbonada is considered during the many cold months in Argentina, and this dish becomes the most important of some other dishes, which is a delicious soup of meat and potatoes (white and sweet), carrots, corn and pepper, in addition to the fruit above it which is a variety Dried apricots and raisins include peaches, and green grapes.

Dulce de leche

This dessert, which seems to be the most delicious dessert, is made from boiled condensed milk until it changes its shape and becomes like a filling caramel dough, which is the best dough among Argentinians in addition to eating it in every meal and served as snacks.


Of the famous food in Argentina, which is two small pieces of cookies and placed between them in the center Dulce de leche and then also dipped in chocolate.

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