The tastiest and most expensive dessert in the world

Desserts are rarely worth what we pay for a meal, but some restaurants and chefs have turned to making expensive desserts with expensive ingredients.

Hot Chocolate Ice Cream $ 25,000

These sundae are blended from truffles brought from France with cocoa from around the world and 5 grams of pure edible gold 23 carat in a dish of cream la madeline au truffle for $ 250 per dish and offers to his side a cup, crown and bracelet in 18 carat gold set with white diamonds It may take time to save them but that won't be a problem if you are willing to pay 25,000 for sweets.

Distorted Banana Sundae $ 60,000

It was called this name because it is a ice cream similar to THree twins ice, but it also consists of a drink or a rare wine that is estimated at 3333.33 dollars and is presented with a spoon from the fifties of the nineteenth century where what is different in which arrangements are made to get you if you start your flight by flying to Tanzania And stay in the category of five stars to go flying to Mount Kilimanjaro (optional), an increase of $ 60,000 to be offered to you on top of the mountain cut using ice from there and for a unique experience you get a cello player to give you the right atmosphere for this expensive sweet.

Diamond cake $ 1.72 million

Having cakes on any occasion is a natural and dazzling thing because we know it is worth a few dollars, but this special 1.72 million dollar Tokyo cake set with 223 diamonds weighing 170 carats and took six months and a whole month to prepare and not to consume diamonds is not Unique to this cake No one accepts this cake, which made it a piece of art for the store.

Strawberry dessert $ 9.85

Many of us search for Valentine's Day on the ideal way to make an engagement or spend an unforgettable night, here comes the locally grown strawberry dessert served by the Arnaud French restaurant in New Orleans in a mixed dish and decorated with expensive ingredients from alcoholic and champagne drinks along with a scoop of vanilla ice Cream of whipped cream, with 24-carat gold foil, at the base of which is a box containing a 10.06 carat royal blue engagement ring from Ms Rau Antiques in the French Quarter.

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