The Strangest Desserts In The World

Dessert in general is what everyone agrees that it is a necessity to bring people together, and they also agree to love her together, despite the presence of several types of it, some may find it strange, but she was entertained and requested by several cultures since childhood, and some of them is interesting, you will find us in these Article .

Spicy spaghetti

It is a Mexican dessert that is a long tubular chewing gum with watermelon flavor covered in sugar crystals mixed with hot tamarind powder that also comes next to it as a sauce when poured on it becomes like a spaghetti look and receives this strange candy popular in all parts of Mexico and always present on birthdays and events.

Cat Tongue Chocolate

It may sound like a terrible idea for you to eat a piece of chocolate in the form of a cat's tongue, which may immediately notify you that it is wet pink covered with hair, but this is what is popular in the Czech Republic that makes these candy from chocolate and milk in the form of a small tongue packed in a box filled with images of soft cats side Along with small chocolate nibs, despite the weirdness of the idea, you may like it.

Salty licorice

A change from the taste of sweet sweets came black sweets with a sharp salty taste for licorice that was presented to many children of Finland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia and this candy is a soft licorice added to ammonium chloride to give it the salty taste as it is made solid and soft and is used to add flavor to ice cream, soda and wines And there is something lightly salted for those who want to try it for the first time as it is produced in salted grades from light to sharp and strong.

Luminous insect candy

Of sweets that give you a pleasant and delicious experience as we all know about small insects that are luminous, but these sweets do not contain insects, do not be afraid, but these strange sweets will amaze you how they work more than they actually taste, as they are in their box containing tongs that can hold the piece of candy and pressure The LED button lights up the dessert, which will keep you entertained for hours.

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