Strange Things New Zealanders like To Eat

New Zealand is unique in its cultural heritage and history. It is a cultural icon. Here are some of the foods that it represents and are both strange and surprising.

Whitebait fish

It is a small fish type that is considered a delicacy for them as it is eaten entirely with bones, intestines, skin and heads and it is basically a mixture of omelettes used to install small fish with spices of salt and pepper (omelets) and is often served between slices of butter and lemons with white bread, but the percentage now decreases Because they are threatened with extinction, they are banned to all commercial sales until stocks recover.


It is the name given to a large marine belly that looks like a snail and is referred to as the abalone, which is a bright iris crust used as souvenirs or jewelry, and similarly, the big black muscular foot of the oysters that is considered a delicacy. And abalone has a strong flavor that is even said to resemble a steak more than an oyster. It is very hard and rubber, so it is best to serve sliced ​​or chopped slices in a pie.

Hockey pockey

This ice cream that holds a kind of crunchy tofu honey made by a New Zealand company mixed with vanilla ice cream and formed in the form of small solid balls and placed in a carton. New Zealanders are the second largest consumer of ice cream at the individual level in the world.

Pineapple candy

It is a soft rectangular dessert covered with chocolate, and its qualities have been changed by several experts because of the complaint about the weak taste of pineapple and its excessive wife, and it has become very much needed so it is a dear snack for them.

Afghan biscuit

A piece of candy made from cocoa powder, regular flour, sugar, butter and corn kernels covered by a layer of chocolate and half a grain of nuts. The piece is crunchy rich and dense, due to the low sugar content that makes it taste a little bitter because of cocoa, but the sweetness of the ice replaces it.

Pavalova candy or puff

Dessert named after the ballerina Anna Pavalova, the dessert consists of a crisp piece on the outside and a light, soft on the inside resembles a marshmallow covered with whipped cream and fresh fruit pieces and made from heavily scrambled egg whites with fine sugar, vinegar and vanilla extract and cornstarch and is usually served at Christmas.

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