Strange Facts About Hamburgers

There is nothing more than a hamburger in America, and it returns from being named Hamburg in Germany, and the reason is that it appeared there or once specifically in the port of Hamburg, hamburgers adopted many restaurants, and it became the only variety that sold it, why not, it is very delicious, A perfect meal to end hunger. Here's some of the most bizarre information about hamburgers.

The most expensive hamburger in the world

Although this meal has become accessible to everyone, some organizations are constantly competing for the one who owns the most expensive burger in the world, it is not expected that anyone will beat the $ 10,000 burger, which includes wagyu meat, and 24-karat gold while its most striking element is the famous Spanish Iberco Jamun chopping made of black Iberian pigs.

Meat cologne

Perfumes can contain many strange things, but imagine that in 2008 the giant burger king revealed its special perfume they called it "flame" as it was marketed as "the smell of seduction with a touch of meat roasted with flame".

The immortal burgers

In light of the many experiments on burgers to know the age of the meal, it is surprising to discover that after weeks of burgers the burgers do not rot and remain fresh, and the reason is because the burgers contain preservatives that prevent decomposition.

The first piece of burger

As some people think, burgers are a modern invention thanks to New Haven who was working on a lunch cart in Connecticut and it is said that in 1900 AD he presented a beef sandwich to a worker on the move on his cart which led to the emergence of hamburgers and became a tradition of the Haven family even after 113 A year when there were no ingredients for burgers other than cheese, tomatoes, and onions

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