Mistakes Made In Cooking

This list is a guide to help save you from some of the most common cooking errors we all make.

Too Cold Pan

When you cook in a pan which is not hot enough, things stick , This is a very common mistake made when cooking steak or other meat dishes in a frying pan. Don’t be afraid to turn the heat right up – you can always remove the pan from the heat if it looks to be too hot. Make sure you use a little oil to the pan before you begin to heat it .

Overcooked Fish

Overcooked fish is one of the most revolting things you can eat. It lacks flavor, and it lacks moisture. When you cook fish properly, it should retain some of the transparency that you get with raw fish. As a side note, when buying fresh fish, make sure the fish eyes are shiny and clear and that the gills are still red. Fresh fish should also have no odor (apart from the smell of the sea) – if it smells fishy, don’t buy it.


When frying on top of the stove, people tend to try to do everything at once – putting half a dozen sausages in the pan, or 2 or 3 steaks. This only ruins the food – overcrowding the pan causes food to boil (as there is not enough room for the steam to leave the pan) instead of browning. Cook in batches and, if you need to, keep meat in a warmed oven while you continue through the batches.

Not Enough Salt

All too frequently people use too little salt in their cooking (or worse still: no salt at all!) Salt is essential in cooking as it provides flavor and in some cases texture. You should salt all meat before you cook it, and most of the time you should salt water before cooking vegetables in it. It is not enough to add salt at the last minute as some foods cook better with salt adding during the cooking process.

Blunt Knives

Blunt knives are not only bad in the kitchen because they tear at what you are cutting, but they are extremely dangerous. Most accidents involving knives in the kitchen are caused by blunt knives. The reason for this is that the knife is more prone to slipping.

Using Dried Herbs

Dried herbs have no place in the kitchen. They have little (if any) of the flavor of the herb they are meant to represent. If you cook with dried herbs, you cook with no flavor. The first time you use fresh herbs in your cooking, you will immediately understand the importance of them. This also goes for vegetables – always buy the freshest vegetables you can.

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