Insect Meals Around The World

Chefs always strive to find new spices that give a distinctive flavor to their recipes. Meat is often the important ingredient in food in addition to the protein found in abundance in it. But what if there is another important source of protein? As some cultures found that insects of all kinds are light or main meals for the body.

Wasps - Japan

Eating insects is a common occurrence in Japan, especially in surrounding celebrations and festivals that offer dishes from wasps and manufacture them in several forms where they are made in the form of sauces that are placed on rice cakes or that are placed inside jellies or in some cases, wasps are placed with ginger and on sushi and in another form These wasps are made with biscuits that are said to be candy-like raisins and are very popular with Japan

Indonesia - dragonflies

When you live in areas where mosquitoes abound, such as Indonesia, the presence of a dragonfly insect around it is very beneficial to them as they feed on these mosquitoes, but this is a different matter for them as they make snacks from them by planting dragonflies in a stick of tree sap to prevent it from flying and then cut off its wings and is done Cook it by frying with oil and it is said to resemble the taste of crab

Larvae - Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, the larvae are an important alternative source of protein and are a daily part of their diet, where they are cooked in several ways and before that they are collected and emptied of the viscous liquid inside them and dried under the sunlight, then you can eat it dried or flattened like potato chips and there is also who smokes it or can be added to the sauce Despite its tenderness, it is full of protein.

Worms - Korea

Silkworms are known around the world in silk production, but this is different for Korea, as these worms are sold canned to customers and before they are packaged they are boiled, seasoned and sold by stores and itinerant sellers, and it is commonly said about their unforgettable smell as they can also be sold in cups after seasoning and leaving them in A liquid for her (gravy). These worms are also sold online and you can ship them to your door. White wine is recommended next to them.

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