Foods You Can’t Buy In The United States

In the United States, an organization responsible for food, such as how to prepare or ingredients for these foods that can be dangerous or harmful to humans, and this institution decides what foods are consumable and what foods are prohibited to use and is considered very dangerous, but you can find these foods in other countries That cannot necessarily be considered dangerous.

Raw Milk

When the production of raw milk becomes very large, here lies its danger as it carries many bacteria that are killed during the pasteurization process of milk, such as bacteria such as salmonella, Escherichia coli and Listeria, and it becomes more dangerous to people with low immunity, as pasteurization prevents many diseases that can It is transmitted through raw milk such as listeriosis, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, diphtheria, and Brucella. In the United States, 20 states and the District of Columbia prohibit the sale of raw milk.

Kinder Eggs

Chocolate eggs, which contain a toy inside, may be found everywhere in the world, and may represent some childhood memories, but they are prohibited from sale by the US federal government, and the reason is that food items that do not contain foodstuffs cannot be sold, due to The game is inside it, and after a lot of objection to this decision, the Food Committee reviewed this decision after many violations and illegal eggs brought to the United States, but they said that small parts of the games represents a danger to the health of the children, especially those who are less than three years old. , Read fine 25 thousand dollars seen her for violators of the decision.

Ackee Fruit

A lot of people know that some very delicious sweets and fruits are the most dangerous at all, and this is the case with Ackee fruit spread in West Africa, Jamaica and the United States, but the Food and Drug Administration of America banned this fruit and banned its import for good, and the reason is that when this fruit is eaten Unripe will cause those who are covered with a disease called Jamaican vomit, and after several hours of eating it, the person will start vomiting in a manner that cannot be controlled, until he loses consciousness and is exposed to some seizures, as this fruit reduces blood sugar, but the ripe of this fruit does not Cause this These are the symptoms, but the large proportions of those who died due to it prevented the United States from importing and selling it permanently.

Lazy Cakes

Melatonin is used to sleep, for people who suffer from difficulty sleeping, and is not considered a food supplement at all, but this differs for the makers of the Lazy Cake, as the main ingredient used in making it is melatonin, and the American Food and Drug Administration warned against eating this type of cake, because it is dangerous to Children in particular, because the proportion of melatonin allowed to eat does not exceed 0.3 mg, but this cake is packed with 8 mg of melatonin, and has been banned since 2011 in all states in America.

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