Foods spread during the time of World War II

In a period of time the war was simple, and it fought armies, and lost states that surrendered, but after the nineteenth century we had an all-out war that starved civilians and entire countries, and it was not an obstacle for the navy to attack food ships, so the goal was to harm an entire country.

Cheddar cheese

France is the home of all kinds of cheese. However, British cheese can easily compete with it, as it is no less important because of the types it offered, such as cheddar and others, but it quickly collapsed in the twentieth century and its reputation faded.

What happened is that after the outbreak of the World War, Britain wanted to give each one their fair share of cheese, so she decided to manufacture one type, which is cheddar cheese or cheddar government, after there were about 3500 cheese factories, only less than 100 remained, as classic cheese types became extinct and the British cheese industry returned In the nineties, but no other types.

Wheat bread

Bread was consumed in Britain a lot in the war as much as it consumed ammunition as it was made of wheat and bran which gave the bread a rough texture. This loaf was so bad that it was called "Hitler's secret weapon" or "national loaf" as the government deployed Advertisements to make people love him like how he increases the sex drive at the time.

The loaf was small, gray in color, which had a texture like sawdust and was not fresh but in spite of that it is healthier than the white bread, so much so that when the white bread came back years later people protested because the national loaf was more healthy.

Egg-free mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is considered one of the most important sauces that are placed on the table in the United States and is considered the main ingredient in cheese sandwiches and green salads and in the forties of the twentieth century its popularity did not diminish but the eggs ran out of people and they did not find what repeats this flavor with ingredients other than potatoes added oils and fats and some people used oil Vegetables are a substitute for butter. Once you get the potatoes, some vinegar or mustard can transform their taste into a mayonnaise-like sauce.

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