Food is a weapon

Metaphorically food is considered a weapon as it keeps us going and feeding us at the same time, but there are unwanted meals that many do not like, and some of them cause them allergies, but assault and Serbs with food and considered it a weapon, this was an unprecedented thing.

Avocado grenade

Have you thought about stealing bank by avocado ?? This is what a man in Israel did , he colored the avocado with a black color to convince bank employees that this delicious fruit is a hand grenade as he entered the bank with a bag full of black avocado , and he threatened the cashier to put the money in the bag and did it again after 5 days to make his money about $ 8,300 American.

Breakfast was served the face !!

This is what someone did when another man’s face was misrepresented in a restaurant at breakfast where he caught bacon and eggs and threw it on him, which caused the man to be injured and enter the hospital where he confessed, saying that the weapon was food and the intention was to injure and harm.

Spaghetti sauce bomb

That's when a woman stole a bank and left her bag there, claiming that it contained a bomb, then a group of explosives came , only to discover later that the bag contained tomato sauce, and it was found and later arrested.

Assault with soups

It is normal for a restaurant crowded with visitors that people start grumbling and look at enmity with each other, and it could even be the exchange of harsh words and insults, but what the old couple did, when the waitress presented them with hot soup after waiting for a while, and they poured it on a woman, they were arrested and they did not Luckily, women suffer any injuries.

Beating with a piece of pizza

Robert Houston attacked his father with a piece of pizza after learning that he had assisted in his birth, and hung him on a chair, and when the police arrived the chair was covered with sauce and cheese everywhere and there is no information about the reasons for Robert's reaction.

A deadly pineapple slap

Fruit allergy is not a joke, and this has been proven by a 14-year-old girl after suffering from allergy to pineapple.

When a girl gave her classmate a food with pineapple, and he learned the sensitivity of her classmate and did so on purpose, and that was during lunchtime at school, after her prosecution and after investigation she confessed that someone put the pineapple and the act was intended.

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