Food Attributed To Their Makers

Many foods have been named after their makers, and many of them are always eaten and we do not realize that they have the name of their maker itself. The following are the most popular foods that are named after their maker.

Robert Cope

He is the owner of the famous restaurant in Hollywood, Brown Derby, where at night he was created for what was motivated by the cup salad when the staff and guests returned to the house and he should have prepared a quick-prepared salad from the leftovers present after serving dinner at night to Mr. Grumman from the Grumman Chinese Theater and at that time he prepared This salad is where he was happy with the results and attached them to the restaurant menu.

Maria Smith

Near Sydney, Australia, Mrs. Maria Smith was working on her farm when she found a young seedling growing in place of rotten apples that she got rid of a few days ago. Green apples continue to be famous and sought around the world.

Caesar Cardini

What we all know or believe is that the Caesar salad belongs in its nomination to the Roman Emperor Caesar Smith but is actually named after Caesar Cardini, the owner of the Mexican restaurant in Tijuana who, on the weekend of the Fourth of July, in 1924, provided finger foods that he made by placing scented garlic leaves In the dishes, then he began to tear them into small pieces and then to become a popular salad among the big Hollywood stars who tasted them when they visited Tijuana and soon spread to the menus of famous restaurants.

John Montagu IV - Earl of Sandwich

The legend behind that meal says that John Montagu was on the table when he asked the waiter to put some roast beef between two pieces of toast so he could eat with one hand while he was busy with the other hand playing a card game where other stories indicate he was fishing or was writing when He ordered this sandwich for the first time but the arcade story is the one that is most popular and authentic because John was then the host of card games and a member of the Hellfire Club.

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